T h i r t e e n

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~Cha Eun pov~

I got up at exactly 4;00 sharp still sleepy because goddamnit I woke up so fast I went straight to prepared my things for the trip as I was preparing I could see Jeon rolling around the bed like some sort of psychopath, should I prepare for Jeon ? Being a good and responsible wife I am I did prepared for him after a few minutes I heard him groaning I face back and laugh my ass off, he felt down

" Will you not laugh and please help me up?" He ask rubbing he's neck

"Geez fine but it was funny"I laughed and he gave me the wtf face

"So I prepared all your stuff, all you need to do is go take a shower and bring me to the airport "I said crossing my arm

"Yes m'am"he said running to the toilet

This kid is really something, I went downstairs to grab some food if that's possible because according to last night I've check the fridge and there is legit nothing, and boom nothing just great

I sat down and turn on the tv while someone came ringing the bell
Who the hell would come in this early morning , I swear if that person would say
"sorry wrong address " I would smack the hell out of that person .I got up and went to the door

"Eomma"I said nervously, what is Jeon's mum doing in this early morning

"Oh sweetie how was last night?" Eomma smirk "eh? Last night ? Oh, we had so much fun"I lied

"Good to hear and where's your husband I'm here to pick you both "eomma said "ah Jeon is taking a shower" I smiled widely and she nod

I let her in and we had some talk the. Jeon came down

"Oh kook"she said walking up to hug kook

"Eomma? Why are you here so early?l he ask rubbing the back of he's neck

"I'm here to pick you both up, now c'mon chop chop i don't want to waste time,you literally have exactly 1hour left til the flight"eomma said

"where's the driver eomma? why dont you just let the driver bring us?"kook questioning he's eomma

"i'm here to see you both get in that airport safely aresso?" she ask and we awkwardly nodded

~fast forward ~

"good luck kids don't forget to make me grandchildren your appa got an urgent work to do so he can't come and your eomma and appa too so I'm here to say goodbye for them "eomma said making me choke on my saliva about the grandchildren stuff

"eomma! jinjja?"kook gave he's eomma a glared

"Areso go in now will you?"eomma ask we chuckle and bid her a goodbye


"Can I have the window seat ?"I ask

"Ani I came first"jeon said

"Ani I want to seat there"I snort
We probably argue about 5mins then a man just randomly sit there

"Stop arguing, I'm sitting there. The end" he shad sitting ok that spot I rolled my eyes and sat beside that man .

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