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~Cha Eun Pov~

" Cha Eun, eomma called you!" Rosè unnie said

"Ne"I said
I went out of my room and approached eomma's and appa's room ,I knocked on the door and went in

"Ne ,eomma,appa?"I ask
"Cha Eun, tomorrow you'll meet someone after school honey, get ready okay?" Appa ask and I simply nodded
I walk out after talking to eomma and appa and decided to check  something to eat ,I'm hungry.
"Miss do you want to eat anything?"my maid ask me
"Um sure ,Ramen could be tasty "I said
"Do JB and Gyu sir want ramen too?" She asked
"I'll ask them ,but what about Rosè unnie ?"I asked the maid
"She ate sandwiches just now "she replied and I nodded

I walk to my two oppas who is busy playing game , I'm so sure eomma is going to kill both of them .

"Oppa? Do you want ramen ?"I ask them

"Yup sure!"they said without looking at me
"Ya" I glared at them and went to unplug so they couldn't play
"Ya dongsaeng! What are you thinking ?"JB oppa glared at me
"No playing for today " I said
Then the guard interrupted my conversation with that two naughty oppas .aish

"Miss your friend name Lisa? Wanted to see you , do you allow her to come in?"he asked and I nodded
"See ?look your friend is coming ,go greet her okay?!" The two oppas push me lightly away , your lucky today
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