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~Cha Eun pov~

"Tell sir I'm having some stomach problem " Lisa unnie said
"Stomach problem or brain problem?" I ask
" tell me what the hell did I do wrong to have a friend who is so mean like you?" She glared at me
"You did great my friend " I said
And she laughed
"I'll tell for you geez"I said rolling my eyes

-Math class-

I sat near my annoying future husband, Ms Oh return our test paper and guess how much I got?


49/50 one mistake and Jungkook got 4/50?
I mean who in the fucking world got 4 out of 50 and still 2nd in the top?

"I'll be fetching you tomorrow " he said
"I know "I said
Class was boring as usual , the bell finally ring I was relieved I got out of class and kept my book in my locker Jungkook was there waiting
" you kept me waiting so long " he said
" no one ask you to wait for me " I roll my eyes
"Cmon let's go " he said
We walk approaching his car when Sana and Sue unnie show up

"Oppa! I miss you" Sana said in a cute voice
I nearly puke her Voice is cringy but instead I kept a straight face
" Uhh Sana I cant breath" Jungkook said
" ah mianhae"She said
She kept looking at him ! Wait ? Am I jealous? Eww.no. Disgusting.
"Umm sorry to interrupt but kookie I think we should go! " I said
"Yep ,Uh I think I should go bye " he said
"Where are you guys going?"She ask looking at me
" somewhere " I said walking away leaving Jungkook behind

I wait for Jungkook to unlock his car
" ya are you going to keep me waiting ?" I ask and he rushed to me and unlock

I didn't talk so as Jungkook
"Are you jealous?" He ask
"Me? Jealous? So funny " I said
"Do you need a medal for your acting skills?" He ask
" no! " I said

We finally arrive I told Rosè unnie to tell Eomma and appa I'm out with Jungkook

"Hyungs ah were here!" Jungkook yelled
Then came 6 beautiful man
"Hello Cha eun right?" They ask and I nodded
" Annyeonghaseyo I'm Cha Eun " I greeted them
" kookie your lucky " a boy said and I smiled

" aren't you going to introduce yourself ?" Jungkook asked his hyungs

"I'm kim seokjin nice to see ya " he said

"Uh right I'm Kim namjoon , you can call me RM" he said and I smiled

"Nice to meet you I'm min yoongi or suga" he said

"Sup? I'm jung hoseok or jhope I'm your hope " he said and I laughed

"Hello I'm park jimin"he said

"Hello I'm kim taehyung or V" he said

"It's really nice to know all of you " I said smiling and they smiled back
" how I wish I have a wife like you" Taehyung said and I smiled

"Should we watch a movie to celebrate our new friend ?" Rm and Jin suggested
"Good Idea" I said
"Horror? Good idea right?" Jungkook smirk
"You'll going to die on the way home"I whispered to him

~Jungkook pov~

She shouted when the ghost jumped out ,pity you
She buried her face on my chest and I felt my heart beating so fast ,dear heart? Why do you beat so fast when she's around ? Do You like her ?

"Sorry oppa"she apologize

"It's okay ,a husband should be there for their wife"I said and saw her blushing

"Who said your my husband?"She ask

"Me"I smirk


"Love birds, enough talking should we? You want to eat or continue to flirt here?" Jimin hyung and Jin hyung tease

"Food? Is there kimbap here oppa?" She ask and seokjin hyung nodded
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