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~Cha Eun pov~

"Rosè you'll go with your sister, go get ready!"Eomma said and unnie nodded
"And boys I'm leaving you at home , but I'll make sure the maids look after you" appa said
"Yes appa" Gyu said then JB elbowed Gyu to keep him quiet
After we dressed ourselves we walk towards our car we have 2 drivers we us.
"Eomma ,appa why are we wearing like this ?"I ask them and they just smiled
"You'll know later sweetie "Eomma tapped my back and I nod weirdly
We arrived at the restaurant the famous and the most expensive restaurant in Seoul we walk in and the waiter greeted us and simply ask for our orders

"Oh their here!"eomma and appa stood up , me and unnie got up and bowed
"Good evening Mr and Mrs jeon Eomma said , what .JEON?. Me and unnie bowed then appeared a familiar guy.
"You!" We said at the same time
" you know each other? Great let's have a sit first then we will talk " MR Jeon said
" So we have decided to arrange marriage you both "Eomma said
"What?!" Me and Jungkook said together
"Andwae?!"he said
"Wae Eomma ?" I ask her
"It's about our company sweetie if we don't do that the company will fall, please agree!" Mrs Jeon said

Aishhhh what should I do Eomma keep on giving me death glare
"Fine" we said
"Great ,we will talk about where we will held the marriage ceremony "appa said

What a unlucky day



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