Prologue: Namjoon

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Great! Why does everything have to go to shit when I try to do anything?! I think to myself as I run from the fallen hallway. The support beams were weak from age and spells.

I leaned on it for a second to relax and it started to creak. I turn a corner, almost slipping on the dust that covered the floor.

We needed to find the Mirror of Woojin, the one that was made for Jisoo. We can't wait for the prophcey to start! We needed the offspring of the family to be here now!

They are the only ones strong enough to fight off the evil spells affecting the den wyrms.

I throw open the doors to the old sleeping quarters of the royalty. A gray mirror reflects sunlight in random directions.

I give a cheer. It has finally showed up. The prophcey said the mirror will disappear in times of prosperity but appear in times of need of a powerful mage.

I put my right hand on the mirror, hoping it will ripple, the sign of the portal being opened.

It stays still and I stare at my reflection with a so-done face. I pinch my lips together and let out a heavy breath through my nose.

"Really?! They didn't even touch it once? Not even by accident?" I run my hand through my dark brown hair.

I push on the mirror with all my might. After a few minutes I gave up and sunk to the floor, defeated.

"Why does this happen to me?!" I sigh into my knees. I shake my head and get up. I take off my cape and roll my shoulders.

There must be another way... I jog a distance and turn around. I take in a deep breath and take off running to the floor length mirror.

My voice box let's out a sound as I near the still mirror. Right when I was going to hit the mirror, it started to ripple.

I enter the other realm with a scream and drop from a height onto a man.

Why isn't it a floor mirror?! A girl screams as I regain balance but I'm shoved back into a wall, hitting a cold surface. I let out a groan.

I don't let my attacker get the upper hand. I quickly react and slam his head into my knee, knocking him out. Wow! It actually worked on the first try! I hide my smirk as a girl stares at me.

"Where am I? This isn't the lounge of Queen Kim Jisoo, is it? Unless her servants didn't keep up with it." My deep tenor voice breaks the silence.

The girl shakes her head. "No, this is the basement of my late grandmother. How did you come through the mirror? Who are you? And who is Queen Kim Jisoo?" She fires off the questions without waiting for me to answer with a shakey voice as if she was about to cry.

I frown and shift my weight onto one foot. "I'm Kim Namjoon. Leader of a group of Echos, defenders of of the Echo Territories, Axonor. You?"

I take in a good look at the girl. She had messy (h/c) hair and a bruised skin. She wore a green tshirt and blue pants with a white apron. Her (e/c) eyes were glassy with fear, confusion, and curiousity. She was pretty despite the fact that she looked like she came back from Hell.

A/n: Sorry for a short chapter. I just wanted to share his side of the story.

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