|| Echoes In The Mirror || NamjoonxReader

|| Echoes In The Mirror || NamjoonxReader

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The mirror ripples as if it was a hard rain on a lake. A man clad in black leaps from the mirror with a shout, landing on Chang. 

You scream. This wasn't suppose to be happening. This was suppose to only be stories that your grandmother told you. They were suppose to be fake.

Chang shoves the dark haired man into the wall, shaking the mirror. The man groans but reacts quick. 

He jabs his knee up as he pushes your abuser's head down, instantly knocking him out. You clutched onto your chest with heavy breaths, trying to calm down.

The man looks up slowly, brown eyes glowing with adrenaline. "Where am I? This isn't the lounge of Queen Kim Jisoo. Unless her servants didn't keep up with it." His deep tenor voice ripples in your ears.

You shake your head. "No this is a basement of my late grandmother. How did you come through the mirror? Who are you? And who is Queen Kim Jisoo?"

The man frowns and shifts his weight onto one foot. "I'm Kim Namjoon. Leader of a group of Echoes, defenders of the Echo Territories, Axonor. You?"

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