Chapter 4: Wounds and Healing

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Yoongi POV

How can someone be so cruel? I think at the bruising around her neck. Her boyfriend choked her several times based on the brusing.

I reach (y/n) and give her a comforting smile as I crouch to meet her eyes. "May I heal you? I'm the best out of the group in healing spells."

(Y/n) looks into my eyes with trust shining bright. "That would be nice." The waiter from before sets down two glasses of iced whiskey.

"Hey, I need to heal her. I need a seperate room." I say to Chan, the guy who served the drinks. He throws me a set of keys.

"Don't lose them." He returns back to the bar with a chuckle.

"Come on. It's this way." I run a hand through my slightly wavy black hair. (Y/n) follows me with a curtain of hair hiding her face.

We enter a small room with a cot and bed side table in frount of the window. "I'm going to use a very strong spell. And it works better if the one I'm healing repeats after me. I need to touch your shoulders, neck, cheeks then head." I touch my own body parts that I have listed off to show where.

The girl nods and I give her a smile. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to. My specialty is healing. I don't want to hurt you in any way, mind or body." She blinks once and nods.

"I don't want to be hurt any more. I'm tired of these brusies and scratches... Can you heal my mind."

I blink once, shocked at her request. "I can cover the injuries of your head for awhile but that will take all of my strength." I fall silent for a moment.

The shorter girl pinkens and looks down at her feet. "Oh, sorry I-" she tries to speak but I interrupt her before she got any farther.

"I could give you a potion that would speed up the healing process for your physical wounds." I open the door and shout out to a random employee to fetch me cloud worm, grass root, water, a potion station, and a bag of fairy floss.

(Y/n) sits down on the cot and sighs. "I don't think I want to drink that." She messes with her white apron. I turn around with a half smile on my face.

"Don't worry. They are common ingredients for healing. Though, I wish they had a better name to them..." I laugh.

(Y/n) gives a weak chuckle. My brows push together, concern for the stranger flooding my emotions.

"I never thought there could be another world where I could be free. I always known of one. Everyday I get up and make breakfast for him. Clean everything. Fearing that he would come home angry, drunk, or see me not working. I make lunch for my self everyday. Clean again. I haven't stepped out of the frount of the house since..." She takes a breath.

I sit down beside her silently, giving her a listening ear. "Since I don't know when. Every time I fight back he comes back harder with another swing. A few times he slammed my head into the wall and closed off my air way. So I stopped fighting. I still run, though it gives me the same punishment. I didn't realize that there could be males out there that could treat women with kindness the way you and your group treated me." I nod.

There was a knock on the door. I get up quickly to see Chan struggling. I grab the items from his arms and thanked him.

(Y/n) stands up with genuine curiosity.   I set the items on the bed table.


You shift your weight when Yoongi looks back at you. "Do you want to learn?" He sets up his potion station.

You sniff the air. Cotton candy? You look around and nod. "I'm not planning to go back to my world. It would be dumb of me not to learn." You put your hair up in a braid.

"It is wise to learn healing in the first place... Though I'm not sure how your body will react to the magic." Yoongi pulls out a clear bag filled with a pink fluffy substance.

You gasp and jump excitedly, feeling like an anime character. Yoongi looks up from his work.  "Are you excited about f--"

"Cotton Candy!" You cheer with joy. The last time you had some was with your grandma at a carnival several years before she passed.

"Fairy floss." Yoongi finishes his question flatly. "You call this cotton candy?" He looks at the bag and shrugs. "That's understandable, I guess."

You look at him with curiousity. "I never heard it that way before..." You fade out. The man was done setting up and had a tiny fire of blue going with a small pot of already boiling water.

"How did it boil so fast?" You take a step closer to the station.

"The pot was infused with magic to absorb more heat. And the fire had a little bit of Dragon's Tongue to make it really hot."

You nod, acting like you knew what the words were and look at the other items. Yoongi grabs a small stringy purple item that reminded you of carrots. "This is Grass Root. And this is Cloud Worm." Yoongi picks up a small glass container that held fat puffy worms wriggling over each other.

You lean back in disgust. "And I have to drink all of it?" You cover your mouth with both hands.

Yoongi gives a smile that exposes his upper gums. "If you want to get the fastest healing process." You join in his chuckle with a small laugh.

Yoongi grinds a root and a now-dead worm in a gray stone bowl with a weird stone, chanting: Heal. Restore.

"After it looks like this," he shows the bowl filled with a dark maroon thick liquid. "You pour it in the six ounces of water and stir." He does what he told you.

At first it was the same color. But he started saying another chant. "Ad sanandum. Et lacrimis sanguine. Mentis et corporis."

The mixture glowed and turned to a bright translucent red. You gasp and cover your mouth.

"How?" You blurt. You quickly apologize, knowing your stupid boyfriend would've beaten you to a pulp if he heard you speak out of term.

"It's okay to ask questions. Only apologize if you harm. No one is going to hurt you if you ask a question." He gives a comforting smile.

You nod and smile back. "How did it change?" You ask bolder.

"Magic." Yoongi laughs and you join in. "Now take a piece of the fairy cotton and chug the potion." He gives you a cup filled with the weird liquid.

"Really? Fairy Cotton?" You roll your eyes as you do what he instructed.

You sniff deeply and gag. It smelt like barf and feces mixed together. You shiver with disgust. "Gross..." You mumble.

You close your eyes and put the cup to your mouth, prepping to chug it. It took you 15 minutes to even start to tilt the cup.

Yoongi was very patient, he even smiled when you sent down the cup. "Don't worry. I do the same everytime." He reassures you.

Yoongi takes out a knife and rolls up his sleeve to expose his for arm. He makes another batch of the potion.

Before you can ask about what he was doing, he takes out a dagger from his boot and slices the top of his forearm.

Blood immediately produced as he groans with pain. You gasp and looked at his pinched face with disbelief.

"Why did you do that?!" You took off your apron and pressed it to the fresh wound.

"So you wouldn't have to take the potion alone." He nervously chuckled through the pain. There was a knock on the door.

Yoongi allows them to enter. It was a random person you haven't seen het.

"Chan said to give this to you." He hands a kit of medical supplies. Yoongi thanks him as he leaves.

"Do you expect me to heal you?" You gasp.

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