Prologue: You

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You set down the roasted chicken in the center of the table with shaky hands. Chang is going to be here any moment and you didn't want to be when he does. The door slams open and you jump with a suppressed scream. He was here, mad at work.

"You better have that beef roast done, (y/n)!" He screeches from the living room, throwing his brief case. Your eyes widen. Fear makes your head dizzy and your limbs weak. You don't respond, silently panicking. He said roasted chicken over the phone!

Chang storms into the dinning room. His dark eyes land on the table. He looks back up slowly. "This isn't beef." his voice was dangerously low. You take in an audible gulp. Chang straightens his posture, his go to move when he is about to attack. You make the move first and run out of the room.

You sprint around the couch and up the stairs to the bathroom. The only person you have known in your whole life who cared about your safety was your deceased grandmother. You had lived with her for most of your life. You knew the place better than Chang did.

He moved in the moment your grandmother died and locked you in. Your grandmother has always helped you rise above your reoccurring depression. Now, it hit you like a brick every time you blink.

Chang screams your name as he trips over the couch. Your breath was uneven and your heart was rapid. You shut and lock the white wooden door to the bathroom. You run a hand through your long (h/c) hair and let out a shaky breath.

You look around for a weapon, cursing in your head. He was pounding up the stairs. There was nothing useful. I'm going to die! Chang kicks down the door in two tries. You scream and curl into a ball.

Without any hesitation, he starts to kick and punch you. Mercilessly, he shoves you out of the room and down the stairs. You struggled to get up. He laughed and took his time going down the stairs. You, with gasping breaths, make a run for the nearest door.

-----Flash Back-----

"Grandma?" You get the old lady's attention with a sigh. She looks over with a bright smile.

"What is it? If it is about the cookies again I won't let you have any until I finish my share. and you know that my share is the whole share." She laughs lightly.

You join in and shake your head. "Nooo! I learned my lesson from last time." You give a toothy smile back. "I was wanting to know, what do we do if there is something bad in the house? Or around the house?" You prop your chin onto small hands.

She sits down beside you and she copies your motion. "What do you mean? Like a robber and bad weather?" Her aged voice was smooth and canorous.

You nod, eager for her answer. She scoots foward. "Is it a secret?" You whisper.

She nodds. "Do you want me to show you?" She whispers with a knowing smile. You nod again.

She gets up and you follow her to the basement door. "If you are in any trouble, come down here." Grandma says, still in a hushed tone.

You nod, following her down the stairs. "What's that?" You point to a fancy silver mirror that was partly covered up in a white, dusty cloth.

The salt and peppered haired woman smiles. "That is the Mirror of Axonor, the Echo Territories. Touch the mirror and you will open the portal. Only use this if you are in the most dangerous situation. Once you go in, it's hard to get back out." She pulls the rest of the cover off.

You gape at the marvelous sight. "But I'm only six! How am I suppose to reach that?!" You exclaim. Grandma smiles down on you.

"What possible dangers would a six year old have?" She laughs. You join in and sit down on a box. "Do you want to hear some stories about Axonor?"

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