Chapter 1: A Chance of Escape

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The man, Kim Namjoon, looks you up and down. Not in an undressing way but in observation.

"I'm Kim (y/n)." Dont' cry. Don't cry. Don't. Cry. Your voice shook majorly.

"I need you to come with me. The people of Axonor are in danger. We need your help." His voice was suddenly desperate.

You frown with blurry eyes. Your throat ached from the lump and your whole body shook. You look at the ground, not responding. If you spoke, you knew you would break down.

"I can see you are also in danger. Come with me, please." He whispers half to himself. You look up with wide eyes.

"How is going with a stranger into a mirror safer than here? I don't even know if you're a good person!" You got a control on your emotions.

Namjoon sighs, understanding your shock. "You may not trust me yet. But I promise I'm the good guy. I know that staying here is not good for your health. You know this guy here is the bad one. Don't stay here because your afraid of a new life. Don't stay here just because this is the only stable life you have." He tries to convince you to come with him.

It was working. "I just need to grab a few things." You quickly say and rush up the stairs. You grab your suit case from your closet and packed underware, feminine products and a stash of pictures of you and your grandma.

You grabbed a few tshirts and pants and zipped up the case. You throw the case over the edge of the stairs and slid down the rail.

You turn the corner and grabbed the case and skipped down the basement stairs, almost falling flat on your face due to jumping the last three steps.

Good news, Namjoon caught you. Bad news, the momentum caused you both to hit the cemented floor with a groan.  Better news, the light pink suitcase flies from your hands and lands on Chang's stomach.

You quickly get off of Namjoon, embarrassed about the compromising position and the act of falling.

You slide one leg off, loosing balance in the process. Your knee slams into his stomach. You gasp. He shouts. "I'm so sorry." You apologize and stand up fully.

Namjoon clutches his stomach groaning. "No, it's fine. I'm also clumsy." He gives a pained chuckle.

"How do we do this? Travel." You grab your suitcase as Namjoon gets up and runs a hand through his hair.

"We go through the mirror." He takes your free hand. His touch was soft and wasn't forceful. Your cheeks heat up from the politeness he gave you.

"H-how?" You stutter, slightly flustered. No! Stop reading the signs wrong!

The tall man leans down to meet eyes with you. "Don't worry. It won't hurt. We just have to walk through the mirror... Although it will be hard since it is a wall mirror..." He drops the gaze and looks back at the the silver mirror.

He drops your wrist. "Stand back." His voice was soft, deep. You take a few steps back, confused. "Ad crescendum. Speculo. Crescere." He folds his fingers into a fist in front of the mirror.

Namjoon's hand starts to spark light green. A white wispy light starts to circle his fist. He repeats the weird statement again a little louder.

The man thrusts his hand with spread fingers onto the mirror. A unidentifiable wind blows.

You put up your hands to block the sudden wind from your face.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Namjoon sighs and rolls head. "I have been practicing for weeks! I'm the only one who can't perfect that!" He rambles about something you don't understand.

"What was suppose to happen? The glass to grow?" You ask and joke at the same time.

Namjoon nods. "How did you know?" He gives a slight smile. Your eyes widen and you shrug. I got it right?! SWEET!

"I just guessed." You blush and look away when his smile widens.

Curiousity eases your fear, you slowly put down your hands. Turning around the room, you try to find the source of the wind.

Before you could, it disappeared, leaving your long (h/c) hair a bigger mess. You fix your hair and look back at Namjoon.

"Okay so, do you want me give you a leg up?" Namjoon asks, a small nervous smile played on his plump lips. Stop thinking that.

"Um. Is it safe on the other side?" You bite your lip nervously.

"Yeah. It's a floor length mirror, so when you go over you will be laying down on stone." Namjoon fixes his hair, running a hand through it.

"Um. Okay. I can go first." You shrug. "How are you going to boost me up?"

"Um. I was thinking to put my hands together and lifting you up like that." He demonstrates to show what he meant. It reminded you of a stir-up of a saddle. You nod in understanding.

"Right. Okay." You take a deep breath as Namjoon prepares his hands, interlacing his fingers.

Once he was ready, you step on his hands and helps lift you up. You, being your clumsy self, sort of lost your blance, teetering before you could get in the mirror.

To keep you from falling, Namjoon half shoves you into the wall next to the mirror, one hand (and knee) to support your legs... And one hand on your lower back to keep you falling backwards.

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