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Hey guys! I know you're probably wondering where did I disappear off to. I've been going through tough times; school, work, relationship, family, etc.

But I want to share this with my followers and readers. Recently I've been dealing with someone who broke me down mentally. I just lost my job yesterday due to the way I've been treated and humiliated and just couldn't take it anymore and finally blew up.

I fell in love with someone who played with my heart for 6 1/2 months. Yeah some may say you fell too quick yada yada but you don't know what we've done.

What I want y'all to understand is to love yourself before trying to attempt to love someone else. Never let love define your happiness. Never let your love for someone make you question yourself..

" am i beautiful" " what am I doing wrong " " does he love me "

This goes for men and women. We are too good of a human being to be treated the way we've been treated. Know your worth and never settle for less. I'm 20 years old and let a grown ass man beat me down and destroy my self esteem. Which I already had but he made it much worse.

If you're going through this now. Message me, talk to me. I want to be here for you. We can cry together, laugh, whatever. I'm here for anybody.

Always remember you're special, you're beautiful/ handsome, you're going to be somebody, somebody will find love in you and love you unconditionally.

Love yourself before you hurt yourself trying to love someone else.

Thank you for reading, y'all have a blessed day and I'll update soon. ❣️

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