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Aubrey POV

Chris and I haven't really spoke much since the night of the party which was 6weeks ago. that's kind of weird. But will I complain? Nah, if he doesn't want to talk to me then oh well.

I've literally been drowning myself in school work and work. I need to get my own space ASAP. The longer I stay with my mother and that disgusting boyfriend of hers the more I feel myself going into a deeper depression.

My life was far from perfect. I could smile, joke and pretend like nothings wrong. But as soon as I hit the house, close the door and lay on the bed tears will fall for hours.

I just want it to all go away? You know. Sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to.  Someone who will actually listen and never judge.

"Aubrey, get up you're going to be late for work" My mother yelled from downstairs.

Rolling my eyes and laying there for what seemed like the shortest 5 minutes I gathered my clothes and headed to take a quick shower. 

After getting fully dressed I headed to the kitchen to get my bottled water and pineapples. But when I get there I'll be damned my pineapples are gone.

"Who ate my pineapples! Didn't y'all see my name written across the container. It specifically says A U B R E Y DO NOT TOUCH"

"Girl shut up, yo fat ass didn't need them anyway. What you trying to do? Watch your figure? Should've done that a long time ago" my mother responded.

I couldn't even say anything. I just walked out and got in the car.

How could someone speak so low on their own child? You're supposed to be my protector. I just pray to God that one day you'll see the hurt.

I finally made it to work and I'm at least happy I'm away from all the mess at home.

Walking up to the front counter I'm greeted my one of my favorite managers.

"Don't tell me, 2 piece spicy dark with mashed potatoes Cajun gravy, jalapeño and two ranches"

"Yes ma'am" I said smiling.

"Here you go baby, you know I got you"

I loved her. She was like the grandmother of Popeyes. She treated all of us like her own grand children.

While eating I'm checking my twitter and facebook, I don't really fool with Instagram too much.

As I'm eating I see this man who looks a lot older than I am sit by me.

He's a good 6'1, dark skinned, good looking man.

"How you doing today?" He asks.

" I'm good. You?"

"I'm better now that I'm talking to you."

"Well isn't that sweet, was it busy today?"

"It was alright, not too bad. But look my ride is outside I'll see you tomorrow and don't work too hard" he said before leaving.

Well damn at least someone was eager to talk to me. Wonder what the fuck that Chris is up to.

Chris POV

Life has been a roller coaster for me.

My grandma is sick. My uncle feels like he's the only mf who needs to care for her.

Shit at the trap ain't looking too good. My little brother doesn't know how to control himself

And this damn school shit bugging me to.

I've been praying for a miracle. A miracle that I can get through this. I just want to provide for myself and my family. We all we got.

I ain't talked to chubbs in a good 6 weeks. To be honest I miss her but with all of this on my brain I cant bring her down with me.

I'm just trying to stack this paper, graduate and get this shit together.

I'm laying in the bed knowing that I should've been at the trap 15 minutes ago. Hell how things going them niggas got it.

I decided to pop up anyways and see how they really do when I'm not around.

Took me a good 10 minutes to get there. When I got there I seen my og Los.

This nigga is like a father figure to me man, he tell me what these hoes is and ain't. He keeps it G. This man doing good for himself. Two jobs, sells on the low, house with a good ass girl. Everything I want to be for my fam.

"What's up Los"

"Nothing much youngin, how you holding up?"

"Shit man. I'm bugging out. All I can think about is how I'm gonna get my family straight."

"Real talk man you gotta get yourself straight. Before you can even think about fixing shit you gotta fix yourself. It may take time but you'll get it"

"Thanks man. I really look up to you, hell sometimes I wish you were my dad"

"Ahh youngin you know I could never replace your pops but I'm always here"

I dapped Los up and walked in the back. To my surprise these mother fuckers was working.

"Aye Chris!" Toni yelled.

Toni was one of my right hands. When I wasn't around he handled shit other than Los and D.

"Wassup Toni"

"Everything's going good man. The sells are right, the money right, everybody's working it's getting back together bro. We got this. Except one thing"

"Okay. Keep going " I said getting a little irritated.

"The feds been on to us. I've caught a few slipping but that ain't nothing we can't handle"

"Shit man! I cant catch a fucking break. Tell everybody to lay low until I say so"

"Got it boss."

Man when will I catch a break??

Not the best chapter either 😭 I'm trying.

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