The beginnings

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Aubrey POV ✨

If you're contemplating suicide, this is for you
See this is for the moments when ya alone and with emotion
So fucking bold leaves you mentally frozen
When ya cold and alone heart open and broken
When that loves outta sight and your hearts into focus
When ya floating in oceans hopeless soaking in misery
Headphones on you link yourself with the synergy
When you watch your mind and ya lost in a song, be strong
You are not alone, I just want you to know you are not alone.
There's angels in the airwaves tonight
And I've been running all of my life
And I need you to stay, I need you to stay
Angels in the airwaves tonight

I sat at the bottom of my bed listening to Angel Haze and my mind went through circles. My mind is telling me one thing while my heart is saying another.

I was told to always speak to God and he'll listen no matter what the problem may be always speak to God. He might not be there when you want him to but he's always on time.

My heart was aching. I was tired of being misused and abused by my so called friends and family. No one seemed to love me.

I would see my mother rather spend most of her time with her son and that son of bitch boyfriend of hers. It's not like she cared about me. She barely even looks at me. I always thought maybe it's because we have two different dads.

My mother couldn't stand my father, never understood why. My mom and dad were what you call a " one night stand " don't think that my dad is a saint. He ain't off the hook.

My dad didn't claim me as a child when I was born. He told everybody that I wasn't his but from how everyone else sees it I was in fact his twin.

Same nose, same lips, same eyes, hell same everything. I was my fathers child. Til this day we live in the SAME city and I barely see him.

At school as I hear about is how my dads the biggest drug lord in Louisiana and how he treats woman.

Why do they feel the need to tell me? I don't give a rats ass. He would rather do all of that than spend time with his kids.

I guess this is what you call life right?

It was slowly becoming time for me to get ready for school. Lord I dreaded going into that hell hole.

The place was filled with nasty ass females who hated to see another female shine. Like we as females go through the most shit daily and you hating on one another?

The guys were much worse. They treated females as if they were dogs. These females here will literally crawl on all fours in front of the whole school just to impress a guy. Like girl if he's making you do all of this then you shouldn't be or even want to be with him. Have some respect.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my evil mother's voice.

"Aubrey! Get up it's time for school" My mom yelled from downstairs.

" Yeah "

Yawning to myself as I made my way into my bathroom. Turning on the shower I went back into my room and looked for some clothes.

I pulled out my favorite pink shirt and some comfy sweatpants. Did I need to dress good for these clowns? Hell naw. I Bluetooth my phone to my speaker and got in the shower.

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