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Chris in picture above.

Chris POV 🤞🏾

Its been a good week since I've meet lil chubby. When I tell y'all the bitch is annoying she's annoying as hell.

Won't shut up, just keeps talking running her mouth like a sailor. Her attitude is horrible. She always think she know some shit. But be wrong every time.

I still don't understand why Principle J asked her to tutor me. I'm fine a couple F's ain't gon fail me. Plus I'm good with the teachers.

Thought I was about to fail hell na. See all my history teacher needs is some good ass dick. Every time I need my grade boosted I give her this good 9 tip ya feel me?

I hopped into my black 2012 Dodge Charger and went straight to the trap.

When I walked in the smell of weed and sex hit my nose. These niggas don't never clean up. Shit look like a tornado done been through it.

"Aye bitches y'all need to start cleaning up around this mf" I yelled.

"And you need to stop bitching all the time go get you some pussy and call it a day" My homeboy Jermey said dapping me up.

" ahh.. whatever nigga you know I gets the pussy need to be worried about that edge"

I cant even flex that nigga head was fucked up. How you got all this money and ain't did shit to yo head?

But Jerm that was my right hand man. We grew up together. That's like a brother to me. He a little retarded here and there but it's all good niggas was actually smart as hell just didn't have the common sense to match.

I walked into my office and starting counting up some money. I swear it's like I'm losing money every damn time I count this shit.

I pushed my red button signaling that we needed a meeting immediately.

I was looked as everyone walked in seeing who look suspicious.

"So I called y'all hoes in here because it seems that one of y'all sneaky mfs been slacking on some money. If one of y'all don't speak up now all of y'all mfs will be burnt up in this bitch"

" Calvin did it" Some guy said from the back.

"Oh yeah? No doubt" I said as I shot ole dude in the head. Seen how quick this nigga snitched? I don't need no snitches on my team.

"Somebody come clean this shit up, where that nigga Calvin"

"He said he would be out making drops he should be back in 45"

"Bet. Let that nigga know to come to my office as soon as he walks in" I said walking off.

Ain't nobody about to fuck over me and my money. Shit I got family to feed just like everybody else. Once you take money from me you taking money from them and I'll kill you before you can take anything else.

I checked the time and seen it was 6:50
Shit. I forgot I had to be at this study session with lil cubby.

To: Lil Chubby 🐳- Sorry for being late. Got caught up in some business I'm omw.

From: Lil Chubby 🐳- K

No this girl didn't K me. See that's that ugly ass attitude I was talking about.

Aubrey POV

Roach was late again. I don't have time to be sitting up in this library for hours waiting on his ass to show.

I started packing my bags until my phone went off.

From: Roach 🙄- sorry for being late. Got caught up in some business I'm omw

To Roach 🙄- K

Don't know what type of business he was doing but all I know his he needs to get his busy ass to this library.

Finally after what felt like years his ugly ass decides to walk in. Like if you don't care about your grades then I don't either. Do you know how many teachers would give me the recommendation I needed? But it's better for the principle to do it.

" Sorry lil chub..."

"Save it. Open your book to chapter 3 and start working"

I was already tired of his mouth. Maybe not hearing him talk will make this session go by quicker.

"I got a question" he said interrupting my train of thought.

"What child"?

"Okay, first of all you're the child let's not forget I'm older. Second why you always in a bitchy mood. Like damn sus who hurt you?"

It took me a minute to come back on what he had said. Like who are you to judge me and to ask me anything?

"You don't know me. You don't know where I come from. You don't know what I have to live with. You just don't know period " I said calmly.

"But what if I do"

I looked at him like he was crazy. But the look in his eyes were so sincere that I gave in.

"Okay, my father doesn't claim me. My family hates me I get treated as if I'm invisible, my mother lets her boyfriend do whatever it is that he wants to me. Everyday I question myself on why I'm here. My life has been a roller coaster. " I finished not even realizing that I was in full blown tears.

" Aw lil Chubby don't cry, it's all good. God has a plan for you. That's why you're still here. Your smart, beautiful, thick, and you have a great personality. You just gotta accept who you're and where you come from and rise from that"

I couldn't help but look him deep into his brown eyes as he spoke to me I started seeing Chris as someone else. He actually spoke to me like a human being.

Cutting myself out of my thoughts I looked at my phone and seen that it was going on 8:30

"Sorry but I have to head home. My moms is gonna kill me if I'm not home by 9:00"

"It's cool. Let me drop you off"

As we made our way to his car, he ran over to the passengers side and opened it.

"Thanks but I could've did it myself "

"Girl shut yo ungrateful ass up and just get in the car and ride"

"Bitch" I mumbled under my breathe tired of him talking to me crazy.

"Call me another bitch and see what happens" he spoke not even taking his eyes off the road.

In a matter of seconds we were pulling up to my house.

"Thanks for the ride. See you at school tomorrow Roach" I said laughing as I opened the door.

"Mhm bye chubbs"

I smiled all the way into my room. Is it possible that a senior likes me?

Chubbs and Roach?
They cute. 😭

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