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Aubrey POV ✨

It's getting closer towards the end of the school year and I'm excited. It's only March but just know the countdown is real.

I'm also excited because my birthday is next month I'll be 17. Ayeee Aries gang.

Me and Chris are like the best of friends I even made a couple of new friends while being his tutor isn't that great?

I know what y'all thinking " They really not your friend " But trust I kind of figured it was one that just stuck with me.. Mandi.

Mandi was a cool laid back chick, she was beautiful, and smart just like me. We could honestly pass as sisters. That was my rock in my plies voice. We had become so close that I'm always at her house. I'm barely at home and it feels great.

"Sooo bitch let me tell you about this nigga Tyrone" Mandi came into class being all extra as usual

"What Girl"

"This nigga had the audacity to ask to me suck his dick. Now bitch I may give up the cookie but ain't no way I'm giving up my mouth. We not even together, you not even my husband tf did he think this was "

I had to totally agree to disagree. I wasn't going to give someone head unless were married or in a for sure real relationship and I also wouldn't even allow you to fuck unless were married or in a for sure real relationship. Not saying Mani doesn't have respect but she should've know what type of guy he was. I mean look at him.

"Girl you should've know that by now. I mean look at him, he's a typical fuck nigga"

"And chris isn't"

I looked at her like she was stupid. "What does Chris have to do with this"

"Mhm don't looked shocked now, we all know you and Chris got eyes for each other don't front"

" ok, i may have eyes for chris but you know he's a hoe. All the girls want him"

"Question is; does chris want them?"

"See you at lunch? Bye"

Why does everyone feel like me and Chris like each other. Gosh I'm only tutoring him which in fact he's doing better than he was.

It was lunch time and a bitch was starving. I ran in line we were having enchilada day. The smell of chicken enchilada made my coochie wet.

I met up with Mandi at the west end of the cafeteria. We usually sat by ourselves but today was different. Chris asked us to join him and his friends for some odd reason.

"Aye Chubbs, over here" Chris yelled across the cafe.

"Why yo ugly ass gotta be so loud" I said punching him in the arm.

"Keep hitting me and see don't I knock yo ass out"

"Yeah. Alright"

Breaking the silence Mandi speaks

"So guys there's this mansion party tomorrow night and I think we should turn that hoe up"

" hell n...." I started But was interrupted by one of Chris's hoes.


" And who tf are you and how did you get over here"

Ignoring my questions she rolled her eyes and preceded to talk to Chris.
Like I know this bitch heard me. Maybe I wasn't loud enough. So I hoped my ass on top of the table and moved closer to her face.

" Who are you, and how In the hell did you get over here" I asked.

"Im not here for you so it don't matter how I got here tf"

"You here for Chris right?"

"Well duh who else"

"Well when you're dealing with Chris you're dealing with me. So I guess it is my business, how you doing sus?"

" Petty Bitch " Mandi semi whispered.

Chris looked shocked. Like he had seen a ghost. I guess his little friend got the memo because she got her dramatic ass up and left.

" now what were you saying Mandi" I continued the conversation like nothing happened.

" Well some guys are throwing a mansion party tonight and I heard it was gonna be lit.. we should go"

Mani POV

Hey guys! I'm Mani, I'm Aubrey's bestfriend. We met a couple of months ago. She's really bomb ‼️ I love me some Aubs..

I finally convinced this bitch to go out. Tbh I think she only wanted to go cause chris was going.

"Oh mami, you looking good" I semi yelled at Aubrey as she came out the bathroom.

"Thank you so do you smexy"

"Ahyaya you better stop before Chris finds out"

"Girl cmon lets go"

Aubrey POV

we pull up to the party and this bitch is lit.
You got females on the floor twerking
Niggas on the wall passing blunts. I'm just like oh man is this really what y'all do?

Not even 5 minutes later chris walks in. And lord Jesus this man looked good, I just wanted to snatch him up right there.

" you look good chubbs"

"Shit. So do you daddy"

The night seemed to last forever. We danced, talked, smoked, just everything. But my favorite part was our drive home.

To be continued......

Lame I know. I'll start updating more 😋

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