Part 6

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Aubrey POV:

It's been a minute since I've been around the scene. I've been trying to juggle my life together and get my head on straight. I've been employed with popeyes for what seems like YEARSS but it's only been a year and 4 months. Things in my life haven't been going so well. My mom ended up kicking me out of the house due to her controlling boyfriend. If you wanted to be with a fuck nigga just say that...

Me and Chris are still 'attempting to date'. He doesn't seem to know how to leave these females alone and it seems as if I don't know how to leave him alone. Did I fail to mention he has a whole girlfriend. How can I expect him to be faithful to me or want all of me when he sleeps with someone else at night? We've been on a few dates and all of which he fucked me real good and dipped. I cried like a fool.

But how can I leave someone alone whom I love so much? Does it mean I have no self worth? I feel low about myself? I'm scared of being lonely? I have no clue. All I know is I never want to lose him but it seems as if I'm losing myself rather than him.

Chris POV:

'Damn you still in ya feels about shawty' my homebody TJ says breaking the silence.

'Man ion know what it is about Aubs but I can't get her out of my mind'

'Nigga you just like that pussy and head that bitch gives you that's all. Hell if it was that serious don't you think you'd be with her and not Tanya'

''Man that ain't the problem. Idc what I'm doing, she gone always be around REGARDLESS'

'You two sound like some dumb ass, hoe ass, bum ass niggas. How do you expect that girl to fully love herself and you if you continue to play with her? I mean shit Tanya ain't doing shit for herself. She has no job, she depends on the government, hell even her 11 year old beats her ass. So why are you really with her? Because she gives you money? Spoils you a little bit. Why get her money if you really don't need it?' My little sister Bre says.

'Damn Bre you didn't even have to but yo ass in the conversation'

'Well when your dumbass is venting In an openly public living room I have that right.. good day!'

See man I have no clue what I want to do. I hate being stuck in between two females. However Bre may be right. Aubs is going to school, she's smart, she works, and she doesn't have a problem telling me how it is . But her attitude and lack of confidence is what gets me. I need a female that KNOWS she's the shit. Tanya on the other hand she knows she's the shit, she never hesitates to give me what I want, she lets me do what I want and when I want. But the way she does her kids, and the way she carries her household is a HUGE turn off. Shawty don't even have a job nor can this hoe drive.

Man I've got to get my shit together.

Sorry for the LATE update. Hopefully this helped. I will try to update again later. Lmk how you feel 🙏🏾

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