Super powers

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Peter's POV

Ughh wait where am In? Oh Im on a bus. I sat up straight but regretted it as I felt my head throbbing for a second but then I felt a burst of energy.The bus then stopped at the stop where I usually get off from. I grabbed my backpack and ran out and back to my home.Suprisingly, I wasn't the least bit exhausted from the run.

''Hi'' I said to my aunt and uncle

''hello son'' replied uncle Ben

I walked over to the fridge and pulled out some meat loaf.I had a sudden craving for meatloaf.Wierd right?I usually hate this.I ate it and WOW it taste good.

''Theres something wrong with him.''I heard aunt may say.

''I know.No one likes your meatloaf.''

''well why didn't you tell me that 12 years ago?''

I dashed upstairs and into my room.I put my backpack down but never heard the noise of it falling onto my bed. I then looked on my bed.Nope.Not there.Then I looked at my hand.Holy crap its sticking to my hand! Well this sisn't normal. I tried shaking it of but no.Twirling around in circles.Still no.I even tried jumping up and down but NO! Then I tried one last time to let go.And it dropped on the floor.Oh god. I needed to go get some air.This day just keeps getting wierder and wierder. I tried opening the door and accidentaly pulled the door nob out.Oops.I quicky dropped it and went to the bathroom.I felt something on the back of my neck and pulled on it.A web? I tugged it out and-OOOOWWWW- there was a spider-dead- on the end.IVE BEEN BITTEN BY A SPIDER! Why did I bother going in that experiment cylinder.What does Emily think of me now?I told her I was going for an internship and she probably thinks I ditched it now.I could just die right now.We just started talking and she probably hates me now.Ohh my sad, sad life.


Emily's POV

Where am i? Oh Im at home.Suddenly all the memories of earlier came back to me.School.How Peter was being so nice and caring to when he completely ditched the internship.I never thought he was one of those types of people.Guess I was wrong.Why did I think I could trust him anyway? He probably thinks I'm just some girl. Never trust boys EVER!

''sweetie oh good your awake.'' my dad said.

''Ohh hi dad! I just got really tired so must have fallen asleep.hehehe'' I laughed awkwardly.

''well if thats the case, I'll leave you to rest then.''

''thanks dad.''

He left the room and I sat up.I felt something stick to my hand and...a pillow? My pillow is sticking to my hand? AAAGGGHHH! I shook it off and tried many different things and finally the pillow dropped. I felt an aching on the back of my neck. I looked in my mirror and felt a web.EW. I pulled it out, grimacing in pain.Why me! On the end of the web was a spider! Oh my god! The cross species genetics experiment.Does this mean I've just been like used for an experiment? Oh god. I need air. I opened my door out of frustration and then saw it falling off its hinges.I just broke the door by opening it like I usually do? Uh oh.

''Emily, whats going on up there?''

''Um dad! The door fell.I was just doing my hair just...fell!''

''Okay well you go rest and I'll fix it.''

''umm okay!''

I only then realised it was sticking to my hand.Crap.I used all my power to let go and it finally dropped. Could this day get any worse? First I trust a guy who I only talked to once to actually show up!Why did I even bother re-doing my hair anyway? Then I get bitten by a spider and feel all...different? This is not good.


Peter's POV

I hear police sirens outside. I could help police you know now that I have like superpowers.But i need a costume so no one knows its me. Hmm...something to do with spiders...SPIDERMAN! Thats a good name.

I was on the computer looking for materials.Spandex...Spandex...Spandex...everything is spandex! Oh well.It'll do.I ordered some red and blue Spandex so I could make my outfit and mask. i ordered it overnight so it should arrive tomorrow morning. I would add shades for the eye part.Hmm sounds okay and a red spider on the back and a blue one in front. I better get some rest now.Im not even hungry so I'll skip dinner.I shut my laptop and went to sleep.


Emily's POV

I heard the police sirens.Again. I could probably a superhero you know like a spider in disguise. I should have a name the black widow! I would have a black costume and a mask.AWESOME!

I hopped on my computer and searched for materials.Spandex...Spandex...Spandex...everything, spandex. I ordered a full body suit, spandex and some silver spandex too.For the spider that I'll put on my back. I ordered a mask that was opened at the top to let my long, brown hair flow out and an open for my eyes.I'll add shades later so no one will ever know whose under the mask.It leaves an open for my nose ends and mouth so I can breath.It should arrive tomorrow morning. I went to bed after a while off thinking.The last thought in my head before I fell asleep was I am the Black Widow.

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