Spider bite

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Peter's POV


There goes the alarm clock that ruins my peaceful place, dreaming about Emily.I'm crazy.Can I not just have a crush on someone who I can get?!?! Hmm guess not.Why cant I just be confident and ask her out? Guess I just wasn't created to be an awesome, confident jock. I should probbly get up now, school is soon and I'm applying for internship at Oscorp, where Emily's dad works.God does everything I do have something to do with her? I'll never get over her now. sad face.

I got up and put on a black long sleeve shirt along with a blue t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. I grabbed my backpack ad camera then headed downstairs to aunt may and uncle Ben eating breakfast. I'm not that hungry so I'll just go to school early and see if Emily is there already.

''Goodmorning Peter.Had a good sleep? Want some toast?'' Aunt may asked.

''Umm yeah I had a great sleep and I'm not hungry so I'll just head to school.See you'' I called out walking to the door.

''Goodbye dear.'' said aunt may.

''be good son.'' said uncle Ben.

''bye'' I said one last time walking out and on my way to school.

One of the benifits of living with my uncle and aunt is that Emily lives only one block away. She normally leaves earlier than me since shes always at school before me so maybe today since I'm earlier, I might see her on my way. Just then, I saw Emily exit her house and walk out, looking at her phone. Should I say hi?

''Hi Emily'' I said, starting conversation

''Oh, hey Peter''

''so watcha doing?''

''Umm Im just checking my calender for what I have to do today''

''your organized.'' I winked at her.WOW where did that confidence come from.She blushed.

''haha thanks.You have to be when your life is like mine, have to help my dad heaps''


''sometimes.'' she giggled.Her giggle was so mezmirizing, I ended up staring at her, I must have been daydreaming.

''Umm Peter? You still with me?'' she asked, waking me up from my daydream.


''Nevermind, we're here at school now.See ya later peter!" she shouted running off to her locker.

''Bye!'' I yelled back walking towards my locker and getting everything I needed for first period then walked away from the lockers and past various couples.....making out.Grossss.can they not do this in a more...private place? Oh well, heres class.


At lunch

Flash was being a bully again and forcing a little kid to eat some crap again. I found Emily sitting down on a table reading a book and decided to go sit with her. Just then, Flash saw me looking at her, dropped the boy down on the floor and ran to her.He approached her and kissed her smack bam on the lips. I felt furious at him for doing this, but didn't do anything because one, he was bigger and stronger than me and two, I would make a fool out of myself if she actually liked him. I watched her try to push him off her then after she kneed him in the 'part', he fell to the ground squealing like a baby.Guess he didn't expect that. Emily looked shocked for a moment, but then a tear slipped out of her eye and she ran into the school. I saw her go into the girls bathroom, so I followed.I know I shouldn't because its the 'girls' bathroom not 'boys but Emily's more important. I opened the door because she must have forgot to lock it. I found her with her head in her hands, crying. I locked the door and walked over to her.I put my hand on her shoulder and she flinched.

''Leave me alone!'' she yelled.Ouch that hurt.I grimaced and she turned around to face me, her beautiful face, laced with tears.

''Ohh, Peter I'm sorry.I didn't mean to yell its just- hey arent you a guy? Why are you in the girls toilets? This just got awkward.''

''Uhh yeah, Im a guy but you seemed really sad and its not like anyone's gonna know.''

''haha thanks for caring.Its nice to know someones there for you.''

''I'll always be there for you.'' I whispered

''thats so sweet peter but the bells gonna go any moment so we should go.'' she said, and as if on que, the bell rang.

''by the way, I have internship at Oscorp after school today.Will I see you there?"

''Yeah.Im helping dad.well see you in class, Peter.'' she said before walking to the door.

''bye, Emily.'' I said and she looked over her shoulder and smiled her beautiful smile.

Then she walked out.After registering all that just happened, I walked out of the bathroom getting wierd looks from people nearby.Hmmm..... oh right! I was in the girls toilet.Wierd.Oh well, time for class


At the last period


I woke up to the sound of the school bell.Oh oh. I fell asleep and now I'll be late for my internship. I already saw that everyone was leaving and Emily was already gone. I should hurry up. I quickly packed up all my stuff and exited the classroom before anyone could stop me.

I tried hailing taxis but none would stop so I gave up and ran to Oscorp which was luckily not that far away from school.

''Hello, how may I help you?" asked the lady at the front.

''Im here for the internship.''

''well you better be quick.Doctor Connors daughter has started the internship already so grab your name badge and go upstairs and to your left.You should see a group of interns there.Hurry,hurry.''

I grabbed my name badge and yelled a quick thanks to the lady before dashing upstairs.I didn't see anyone but heard someone approaching. I saw a man in a suit type in a code for a room then walk in and out with two other men. When he was gone, I copied the code in the room and hopped inside.It was a huge room, full of spiders in a cylinder like experiment unit.I entered it and stared at the spiders on the webs. Interesting. I touched the web and suddenly the whole thing stopped.Then all the spiders started falling on me.I quickly shook them all off me and ran out the room. I just then realised I had missed the whole internship.Im in deep trouble. I ran outside and caught a bus to leave.Then I felt a sharp pain on the back of my neck.

When I was on the bus, I felt nauseus, like I was going to faint.I finally made it to the seat and lay down there.After about 5 seconds, I passed out.


Emily's POV

I was talking to the interns but my mind was somewhere else...where was Peter? After a while my dad came and said I could take a break so I decided to look for Peter.He might have gotten lost or something. I entered a room thats door was left open and found the cross species genetics experiment cylinder.It looked cool so I decided to go in it. I stared at the spiders in awe and carefully touched a web.The whole thing stopped and spiders started falling on me and I squealed silently so no one would know I'm in here and shoved all the spiders off.I ran outside the room and felta sharp pain on the back of my neck then fell and shortly after, passed out.

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