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Peter's POV

I miss Emily. Why did I have to be such a douche and say that to her?!?! I hope in time she can forgive me. I was on my way walking to school when I saw Flash looking behind me. I turned around to see Emily walking alone behind, looking at the ground. Flash ran past me to Emily and said some stuff to her, but I couldn't tell. i saw Emily nod and then laugh at something Flash said and then say something else. I felt a rush of jealousy run through my veins when I saw Flash put his arm around her and hold her close. I turned around and walked away from them. I just can't stand it anymore.


Emily's POV

I walked to school, sulking. I can't believe that me and Peter aren't friends anymore. It breaks my heart even though it was my choice. I saw Peter ahead of me and I just looked to the floor. Then I saw Flash run to me.

''Hey Emily, look I'm really sorry for the other day when I kissed you. I really am. Can you forgive me and can we be friends?"

''Sure Flash.'' I said after a bit of thinking. Peter doesn't like me. I'll make him jealous.

''Cool'' he said and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Peter looking at me. I started laughing.

''What?" Flash asked.

''Nothing.It's just a funny day I guess.'' I said and he slung his arm around my shoulders.

We walked to school and went to our lockers. I hate Flash. I really do, but I need Peter. Luckily Flash isn't in any of my classes, but Peter is in all of them. I went to class and sat down in my usual seat. Peter normally sits next to me and even though I told him those things, I still wanted him to sit next to me. The class soon filled up and then Peter came. He looked around but there where no empty seats, so he hesitantly sat next to me. I was sad that he didn't want to sit next to me but then I remembered this morning and how I must have hurt him.

''Okay class.Today you will work with the person sitting next to you for our experiment.'' The teacher said. I looked to my right to see Peter looking at his lap. Only then did I realise, he was on his phone.He touched something and smiled. Did he like have a girlfriend he was tewting? I looked over him to get a better look to see him staring at a funny picture of him He misses me?

''Peter.'' I hissed.

''um yes.'' he replied sadly.

''We're doing an experiment now. C'mon''


We did our experiment and got the top in the class.YESS! I looked at peter who was just staring at the wall, frowning.

''We did well peter.Yaay!'' I said trying to brighten his mood. He just smiled weakly and glanced at me shortly then frowned a little.

''Whats wrong?" I asked him

''nothing'' he replied bored.

''Okay then...but I know somethings on your mind.''

Then the bell rang and peter just ran out of the classroom without saying anything back to me. I walked out of the classroom to my lockers. My tracker started beeping and I ran out of school. I could use a break...and see spiderman. I ran home quickly and climbed through the window then put on my suit with other stuff. Then pulling my mask on, i leaped out of the window to go to the crime scene. Yesterday, I figured out how to make the webbing bracelets that I saw spiderman using, so I had those now. I attatched my webs to buildings on my way then saw spiderman helping some people. I swung my way over to help the people out of the car that was on fire. I leaped out with the last little child and walked over to spiderman.

''Why weren't you there this morning?" we both asked at the same time.

''You go first'' Spidey said.

''Well, I was at the beach but you weren't there.''

''same here''

''oh.Maybe we went at different times?"


''well maybe we didn't know who each other where.''

''haha yeah. Oh and, nice web''

''Yeah...I got a sneak peak of your bracelet and figured it out so haha.''

''smarty pants''

''oh whatever. i should get going soon. I really should.''

''Same.See ya next time widow?"

''see you spidey''

Whith that, I decided on walking around. I pulled out a sweater, my converse and some skinny jeans and slipped them on, then removed my mask and my lipstick and put on some pink gloss. I decided to call peter and ask if we could be friends again. I can't stand not talking to him any more. I pulled out my phone and clicked on Peter.

Ring Ring Ri-


''Hi peter!''

''hey...whats wrong?"

''Nothing.Just thought school was getting anoying so you wanna meet somewhere?"

''Sure...but I thought you hated me.''

''can never stay mad at you bud. Now where do you wanna meet?"

''Well I figured school was boring so I'm currently at Williamson street. Wanna meet there?"

"Sure. I'm actually just a block down from there. I'll meet you- i see you now.'' I said and hung up.

I walked over to him and embraced him in a huge hug.

''I missed you'' I mumbled into his neck.

''Me too'' he said

''Lets go get something to eat. I'm gonna die of starvation''

''haha me too. How about macdonalds?"

''Anything you wan.I dont care.AS LONG AS ITS FOOOOD!"

''Haha. naccas it is.''


After lunch

''I'm sooo stuffed. I can't eat anymore!'' I exclaimed.

''C'mon. We're going now.''

''I can't moooove!" 

Peter came over to my side and picked me up bridal styles and carried me out. He then put me down on my feet.

''Well, school would be over by now. See ya tomorrow?" I asked

''Yup. After school, you should come over'' Peter sugested

''okay. Bye Peter''

''Bye Em''

With that I went home, which was just 3 blocks down. I couldn't wait until tomorrow. Time with peter.


Peter's POV

I went home from a delightful day. Me and Emily are friends again.YESS!

''Aunt May.Can my friend Emily come over tomorrow?"

''Oohh Emily. Is she the pretty girl you have on your computer?" she asked


''OOHHH okay then. I'd love to meet her.''

''Okay so yes?"

''Of course deary''

''THANKYOU!" I yelled before running upstairs and plonking myself on my bed. Tomorrow is gonna be one great day. I felt myself drifting into a deep sleep when I heard gun shootings downstairs. I walked downstais to find...

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