Feelings Aside (LAST CHAPTER)

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Peter's POV

It was him. Blonde long hair, star tattoo. It was the so called man who murdered my uncle and I sure wasn't letting this opportunity slip past me. I just couldn't risk Black Widow knowing, I had to get her out of here, fast.

''Widow, go around the corner and wait for me. Now.'' I demanded in a hushed tone before the man could see me.


''I said now.'' 

''Be safe'' She said before jogging around the corner where I couldn't see her anymore.

I turned to the man in front of me yelling at the poor lady and ran up to him, swinging a punch in the side of his face. This caught him offguard for a while in time for me to let the lady leave safely before turning back to blondie.

''You. You killed my uncle you!" I yelled at him punching him.

''Oh yeah, what you gonna do bout that spidergal? Ha!" He yelled out laughing and I swung again.

''You deserve to die. No wait, you deserve to live in pain for the rest of your life. Forever.'' I said swinging but he kicked my shin, making me buckle over slightly.

''Yeah, well listen Parker, I can hurt alot more than your family, maybe that lovely little brnette your so in love with?" He chuckled as I stared at him in shock.

''Excuse me?! How the hell do you know who I am?" I asked in ahushed yelling tone.

''Thats for me to know. All that you should know is that I'm gonna hurt that girl so if you want her to be safe and well alive then your gonna have to leave her.'' He said amusedly.

''Why? Why do you care who I date and who I don't?" I asked glaring at the man.

''Orders son.'' He winked playfully, earning a disgusted look from me, under my mask.

''From who'' I demanded after swinging at him again.

''None of your beeswax Parker, just ditch the girl and she won't 'ave ta die'' He said flashing his yellow teeth.

But I love her

''No'' I said kicking him in the gut.

''Sure ya don't wanna? Remember what I did to ya uncle? Hahaha. You've got until the end of tomorrow to end it.'' He said before running away before I could get my hands on him.

That's it. I have to leave her or she could get hurt by the same man who murdered my uncle. I had to push all my feelings aside in order for her to be safe. I had to.

I walked around the corner to see Widow there with her mouth open widely. I faced her and waved nervously.

''What was that about? I mean I didn't hear anything but he just ran out of there. Spiderman?" She asked waving her hands in front of my face.

''Yeah, um sorry I have to go can we talk like later?" I asked hopefully as she just nodded and I attatched my web up and kept going until I reached Emily's place. 

Taking about five minutes to gain the courage to knock on the door, I finally did and Emily came out with her brown hair in two piggy tails wearing a plain singlet and skinny jeans.

''Hey Peter, whats up?" She asked smiling going in for a hug before I pushed her away, weakly.

''P-Peter are you okay?" She asked frowning slightly.

''Emily, I can't see you.'' I said trying my hardest not to break down.

''W-What?" She had wide eyes as she asked this.

''I'm sorry, I just I can't be with you. If we're meant to be together the maybe in the future we will be, okay?" I asked looking up at her.

She had a single tear rolling down her face as she looked away from me. I reached up to wipe the tear away from me but she took a step backwards. She just shook her head and took a deep breath in.

''Thanks for telling me how you really feel.'' She said and slamed the door in my face.

 I can only hope I made the right choice now...






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