The kiss

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Peter's POV

It was saturday.Tomorrow, I'm going to Emily's house.I kept on thinking about her until my tracking device set off signaling i had to go.My thoughts where still on Black Widow who seemed like a flirt.I had to be in her game to find out who she was. I had to be a ladies man. I got ready and jumped out the window and swung my way to a bridge that was collapsing. I noticed that Black Widow was already saving people but noticed, she was having trouble. I swooped down and started helping people up and to safety. Then I looked over at Black Widow to see she was helping a small child and got him to safety but then slipped and was hanging to the end of the bridge. I quickly swung myself down and pulled her to me from her waist so our shests where touching. I swung us back to safety and by then all the people where off the bridge and safe. She was still against my chest which made me look at her and take in her features.She was hot. I decided to talk to her.


''Hey spidey'' she winked

''umm so, you wanna get off my chest?''

''oh right sorry.''

''its fine babe.SO who are you?''

''thats for me to know and for you to not find out.''


''anyway thanks for saving me back there.''

''My pleasure.We make a good team.''

''yes, yes we do.''

''but a team need to know each others secrets.''

''why do you wanna know who I am?"

''because I do beautiful.

''Well look here, handsome.You tell me, then I'll tell you''

''so you think I'm handsome?"

"So you think I'm beautiful?"

''Yes, I do.''

''well I do too.''

She reminded me a lot of Emily. A stray hair fell into her face and I swept it out. She rolled up my mask to reveal my lips and bit hers seductively.

''To show my gratitude to you saving me spidey'' she said before she kissed me. Sparks and fireworks flew and I fell in love with the taste of her lips.Emily. This was so wrong but right.Heck I didn't even know this chick. I heard flashes of cameras and knew the paparazzi got the kiss.It'll be everywhere tomorrow. She pulled away from the kiss and climbed away.Literally climbed on the nearest building but not before yelling

''Bye spidey.Your a great kisser!" with that, I rolled down my mask and swung back home.Missing the taste of her lips.


Emily's POV

I was here talking to spiderman when I felt the sudden urge to kiss him. I rolled up his mask just above his lips and whispered

''To show my gratitude to you saving me spidey'' then kissed him. Is it wrong to say the kiss was perfect even though I had fallen for Peter and I didn't even know who this spiderman was? Hmm guess so. After a while of snogging and cameras clicking away, I pulled away and ran off to climb the nearest building yelling

''Bye spidey.Your a great kisser!" then flinging off to home.I climbed through the window.

I sat in bed just thinking about who this spiderman was and whether I liked him. With that i drifted of into a dreamless sleep.


Peter's POV

When I got back home, i sat down in bed thinking about Black Widow and the kiss. It felt so right yet so wrong, only because of Emily.And maybe the fact that I dont even know who the black widow is.Why why why why why!!!!

I've decided, tomorrow I will tell Emily the secret of who I am and that I like her a lot. That was the last thought in my mind before I drifted of into sleep.


In the morning

Peter's POV

Today I can finally tell Emily my secret and the fact that I like her.Like-like her. I hopped onto the computer to check celebrity gossip to check if there was anything about spiderman or black widow. True enough, there was a huge blog about spiderman and black widows kiss. Twitter exploded with comments like

''OMG spiderman and the black Widow are perfect together!''

''They are SOOO cute!''

and the occasional

''they save peoples lives AND have time to snog?!?! these people have time to spare!"

They really think this stuff? It was once.


My phone went off so I picked it up and saw the caller was set as 'Awesomely smexy Em'. I laughed at the name she set for herself and picked it up

''Why hello Awesomely smexy Em''

''haha.So you think Im smexy hey"


''So did you hear spiderman and black widow kiiisssseeeddd!"

''haha yeah.I heard.''

''I wonder if spidermans a good kisser.''

''I bet he is.Wonder whether Black Widow is a good kisser"

''haha.Bet she is. I have like a celebrity crush on spiderman.I know Im wierd but...''

''you like him?''



''Why are YOU so happy?''

''Umm nevermind.I like blackwidow though.She has a sexy intimidating air about her.''

''ya think?"



''happy much?"

''haha yeah.I'll see you tonight right?"

''yup.6 PM right?"

"spot on''

''bye babe''


After Em hung up, I realised that I called her babe.God spiderman does have a big affect on me. Wonder whether she noticed anything different.


Emily's POV

''bye babe'' Peter just called me babe. PETER JUST CALLED ME BABE! One think though. Spiderman called me babe and it sounded almost the same.In fact, ever since spiderman and I met, I've noticed similarities between spidey and peter. Ohh well. I can't be bothered thinking about this right now. I'll just ask Peter later. Can't wait for tonight.

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