long blonde hair, star tattoo

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Peter's POV

I went downstairs to find...

Uncle Ben, laying on the floor.....dead. Aunt May was in a corner crouching and shaking of fear.

''A-Aunt May.What happened?" I asked shakily.

''A m-masked man came in and shot your uncle then the police where coming and h-he ran away.''

''What did he look like?" I asked practically radiating anger off me.

''He had long blonde hair a-and a star tatoo on his left arm.'' she replied crying softly. By now, the police where already asking questions and uncle Ben was d-dead. 

I've set myself a goal. I will find this man if its the last thing I do. My parents left me. My uncle got murdered. The only one I have left now is Aunt May and i do not intend on losing her too. I won't just let the people who love and care about me, leave me. I will fight and find this blondie and I know who can help me. Before I got into bed, I sent an sms to Emily letting her know about the tragedy and what the guy looked like. Then I jumped into bed and fell asleep emidietely.



I woke up and quickly got dressed. I chucked on all my clothes with my spidey suit underneath. I intend on finding that murderer and setting him straight. My tracker alarm went off and I sighed then took my clothes off again. I leaped out of the window and saw Widow coming down the street.

''Widow, you live near?" I asked

''Yeah. And you live here?" she asked pointing to my flat with an open window.

''No!" I lied

''okay then. Now lets go, hurry up spidey''


We reached the place, only to find some people lying dead on the floor and police around them. I looked at Black Widow and she looked absolutely furious. Then she looked sad and I saw a tear slip out of her eye.

''Excuse me officer but, do you know who did this?'' I asked.

''Not for sure but we do have our suspicions down to a man who killed someone late last night''

''Oh no'' whispered Black Widow.

''What?" I asked her.

''I know someone who knows someone who-who died last night.'' she whispered

''Who?" I asked

'' This guy I really like. But he's only my friend. His uncle d-died.'' she said sadly

'' My uncle died.'' i mumbled under my breath.

''I'm s-so sorry.'' she said.

''Its fine. I need your help.''

''Sure.Lets talk over there" she said pointing at a private alleyway.

''Sure.'' we walked there and sat down.

''So.Whats up spider man''

''I need your help tracking down the guy who murdered my uncle.''

''I'd love to help. I know its sad. My crush Peter-'' I cut her off as soon as she said peter.


''Yeah.Hes really nice and sweet but I-I don't think he'll like me back coz he's just soo perfect but no one notices and they fall for stupid Flash-unless your flash coz then i take it back but I just love everything Peter does.Hes my only exeption.Any way, about that murderer dude?"

I couldn't speak, move or do anything.Was Black Widow talking about me? I know a Flash.

'' Whats P-Peter's last name?"

''Im not telling'' she said stubbornly


''Fine.Its Parker.Peter Parker.'' I froze with those words. I knew Black Widow from somewhere and she likes me. But then again.I only know one girl who really knows almost everything about me, which happens to be...


''H-How did you know my name?"

''I-Its you Emily?Emily Connors? Your Black Widow?''



''Umm yeah? do I know you?"

''Maybe, maybe not'' I decided I would reveal to Em when she comes over today.Speaking of which...ITS 3 PM! EMILY COMES OVER IN HALF AN HOUR.But then again, shes here.

''Look, Emily, I have to go.Now see ya?" I said running off

''O-Okay spidey.See ya!Wait whats the time?" She yelled.

''3 PM''

''Oh Jesus! I need to go to Peter's now! I can not be late.''

''I know''

''Well bye!"

"Bye Emily"

I turned back to go home. When I reached home, I saw aunt may.

''Peter Parker, when Emily comes, I expect you to ask her out then?"

''Okay.I will.''


Emily's POV

I just confessed everything to spiderman and he-he knows me? But from where? I decided not to think about it too much and to go home and get changed to meet Peter. I got home and got dressed into a white t shirt that says LOVE ME in bright red print and a blue skated skirt. Spiderman much? Oh well.Time to go to Peter's. Im so nervous of what to do and what to say but then again, I'm wierd.I rolled my hair so it was extra wavy and pulled it into a messy bun, applied mascara and bright red lipstick then I slipped on some red converse and jumped off the balcony and walked down the street to Peter's. His aunt opened the door and ket me in.

''So, is this the Emily I've heard about? Peter even has you on his computer.'' she winked at me. I let out a little laugh

''Thankyou and yes, hes a funny guy.''

She left me to wait for Peter to come down and soon after, he came down smirking. 

''Hello Emily'' he said 

''Hi pete!"

With that, he took me upstairs and and into his room. He closed and locked the door and pushed me up against it then bent his face a little down so he was about 1 inch away from me. Then he kissed me passionately with love and lust. He then let go and stepped back acting as though nothing really happened and said

''So, I see we've decided to wear 'spiderman' themed clothes?''

''Umm yeah''

''Can you tell me a secret? Something no one knows?''

''Umm okay, shoot''

''Do you like me?"

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