I didn't mean it

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Peter's POV

I then ran towards the alleyway and found.....Emily.....completely kicking some drunk looking guy's ass. WOW! Thats HOT! Shes like kicking and punching and-WAIT how is she doing that? Shes a girl, not that girls dont have strength but that guy is like 2 times taller than me! And I'm only a bit taller than Emily. She's so swift, like a spider. Like Black Widow. 

I got snapped out of my daydream when I heard her whimpering in the corner. She looked so sad and so innocent and sweet. I walked over her and hugged her, but she winced and moved away from me. Ouch. That hurt. I felt my heart ache and I longed for her to forgive me.

''Emily, please tell me whats wrong. Are you mad at me? I really need to know because your important to me. Please tell me Em.'' I pleaded.

'' Are you serious Peter? Whats wrong? Do you really care about me, because I just thought I was a mistake.''

''Wha-why would you be a mistake?"

''You...I...I just-'' she didn't finish but just stood up and ran away from me. I ran after her as she was too concentrated on crying. I was about to place my hand on her shoulder but she spun around and caught it first. Then she leaned in and kissed me passionately. It felt amazing until she pulled away and said 5 words that made me feel so heartbroken, I couldn't feel any more sadder...

''Oops that was a mistake.'' She then looked at my face and stared intensly into my eyes to search for some feelings. I couldn't cry in front of her, so I tried to act tough and smirked at her and said words I regretted saying as soon as they left my mouth.

'' Why would I care?" I asked. I felt so bad inside as I watched tears run down her face freely. She fell to the ground in front of me and literally broke down. I put a hand on her shoulder but she roughly shook it off.

''GET LOST PETER PARKER.I HATE YOU AND NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! I CAN'T BELIEVE I EVER TRUSTED YOU." She said before walking away shakily. Those words broke me. She-she trusted me? And i just ruined it. I'm such an idiot.Why did I have to say that? She trusts me. But never said if she likes me. I won't just let her slip away from me. But what do I do know? she hates me. My thoughts where disturbed by my tracker indicating that I was going to save the world, again. Well, it would be great to get my thoughts off Emily. I ran to a corner and took off my shirt and jeans to reveal my suit. I put my mask on and swung away.


Emily's POV

'' Why would I care?" Peter said smirking. I felt so alone and I just couldn't believe Peter was saying this. He was acting like Flash. I broke down in tears. How did I ever fall for him? He put his hand on my sholder but I roughly shook it off. 

''GET LOST PETER PARKER.I HATE YOU AND NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! I CAN'T BELIEVE I EVER TRUSTED YOU."  I yelled, tears running down my face. I walked away shaking and sad. I heard  my tracker ring. I ran into the corner and stripped so I was only left in my suit. Pulling the mask over my head, slipping on my heels, applying bright red lipstick and straightening my hair with my portable straightener, I left towards the crime scene which was a huge flood near a beach. There where people trying to swim around and help the children. Just as I was about to swoop down to help a little girl who was trying to swim, I felt something, or someone, knock me down. I got up and carried the girl with me to see spiderman helping some other people.

''What is wrong with you?!?! You knocked me down you douche!"

''Yeah well then watch where you stand next time!" he replied once I was on the shore with the little girl who ran to her mum and dad in a corner of the beach. For some strange reason, I broke down into tears. He sounded so much like Peter which made me even more devestated than before. I looked up to him and this time he was standing closer to me. He shortly embraced me which also reminded me of Peter. 

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