Chapter Eight

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Axel's POV

"I'm sowwy." She said in a mocking childish voice. "It's not my fault your wiener is small."

Damn this brat! No woman I've had sex with had ever told me that my dick is small.  

My lips lifted in a sneer and I placed my lips at the shell of her ear. "You'll be really sorry when I shove my 'little limp' dick down your fucking throat"

She inhaled sharply and stepped back. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked at me and her face was turning red. And that's what you do when you want to shut that damn brat up. You say something nasty and she'd fluster like a virgin. But Valerie was far from being one. It's really funny how words like that shocked her. She wasn't a conservative person. Sa itsura pa nga lang niya halata na... she was always clad in a body hugging, cleavage showing, leg revealing things I don't even classify as clothing. 

"I've already told you this before, you little brat, and I will tell this to you again. You do not want to see my bad side."


Her expression changed. She crossed her arms and cocked a brow "You mean this is your good side?!" She hissed at me.

"Oh, princess..." One corner of my lips lifted in a half smile. Putting my hands on her hip, I pulled her body against mine. Bumaba ang ulo ko sa kanya hanggang halos magkalapit na ang mukha namin. So close I could already feel her warm, sweet breath. Her eyes fluttered. "You really need to learn how to keep your mouth shut or..." I looked at her lips. "do you want me to teach you how?"

She tried to push me away but I only pulled her closer. "Ano ba?" She muttered. Annoying her was very amusing, seeing as it only took a little to rile her up. "Get your hand off me!" She pulled away harder and tripped over a jagged stone behind her, stumbling to her knees and next thing I knew her face came slamming right on the fucking baby maker. BULLSEYE!

I grunted a cuss under my breath as I felt the pain. "Son of a-"

Dahan-dahan nag-angat ang mukha niya sa akin. Her eyes widened in shock when she met my gaze and gasped. Agad siyang tumayo, rubbing her crimson red cheek. I, on the other hand, was still in great pain. Instictively, I brought my hands to my crotch, somehow still aware of the fact that  I probably would never be able to father a child. 

"Valeeeeerrieeee!" I screamed in agony as I dropped.

"Buti nga sa'yo." She said as she glanced at me with a satisfied look on her face. Fuckin evil little brat!

"Ano hong nangyari sa'yo?" Tanong ng isa sa dalawang babaeng lumapit sa akin.

"Karma." Valerie kindly answered for me. Humanda ang brat na yan sa akin.

The girls helped me get on my feet because I still couldn't move. Inalalayan nila ako at inupo sa isang mahabang bangkong kawayan sa di kalayuan. Valerie just watched us with arms crossed, probably enjoying my agony.

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