Chapter Fifty - Final Chapter

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Valerie's POV

I was already eight months heavy with child. Two months after our wedding, we found out I was already pregnant. The reaction on Axel's face the moment I told him the good news was priceless. He cried. Atticus Xavier Enrique Lavigne actually cried when he found out I was carrying his child.

Right away, he sold his condo unit. He said condominiums weren't a good place to raise a child, it would be unsafe and inconvenient for a family. He bought a huge four bedroom house in one of the most secured and exclusive villages. I was happy with our new home. It had a huge garden, kaya habang nagbubuntis ako I did a little gardening. The flowers I planted were blooming beautifully in it.

He was nothing short of a caring husband to me. He showered me with all the love and attention I needed. Especially when I was going through a very hormonal phase during my pregnancy. Wala akong hiniling na hindi niya ibinigay. When I wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream at two in the morning, he'd get out of bed and look for one.

This pregnancy had been really hard. I always get emotional but Axel was there to comfort me. I was always moody but he was very patient with me. Whenever I get insecure, he assures me that I was the most beautiful woman for him, he'll tell me the most rational explanations why I should not be insecure and tell me all the good personalities and physical attributes I had.

Pregnancy wasn't as enjoyable as I thought it would be but I was glad Axel was with me all through it.

"Careful." Axel held my hand as I slid into the pool. He pulled me to him and held me by the waist with my back against his chest. He wrapped his hands protectively around my huge stomach. I felt the baby give a hard kick. It probably felt the change of temperature because of the water. This little thing inside me gets more and more active each day. It just wouldn't stop moving. Minsan magigising ako madaling araw dahil sa tadyak niya.

Axel let out a chuckle when he felt it on his hand. "There's my baby again."

"This thing in my stomach is becoming more restless everyday. It's kicking me every five minutes." I complained.

"It's probably getting crowded in their and our baby wants to get out." He said as he rubbed my tummy.

"I can't wait to give birth to this child. I'm desperate to get rid of this belly. Look at me! I'm like a fat bear." I pouted.

"You're a beautiful fat bear." He whispered to my ear.

"Oh so you agree?" I rolled my eyes at him.

"No, that's not what I meant." Axel quickly answered.

"Ewan ko sa'yo!" Kumawala ako sa mga bisig niya. He tried to pull me back but I pushed him away.

"Come on, Val. What I mean is that you're beautiful even with your huge pregnant belly. I don't mind it, not at all." He explained.

But me, being the moody and dramatic pregnant woman I was, got out of the pool and walked away. He sighed and followed me inside the house.

"You are such a moody pregnant brat." He said when he caught me by my waist.

"Ikaw kaya sa posisyon ko. Can you imagine carrying a five pound baby inside you twenty-four seven and your hormones and body are all going crazy? And then you have your husband telling you that you look like a fat bear." I pouted.

"I did not say you look like a fat bear." Dahan-dahan niya akong hinatak paupo sa couch. He pulled me down to sit on his lap.

"Yes you did!"

"You said you look like a fat bear and I told you that you're a beautiful fat bear. I was trying to compliment you." He sighed.

"I'm not flattered." Sumimangot ako.

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