Chapter One

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Mahina akong napamura ng buksan ko ang finorward na link ni Wayne. It was an article from an online gossip blog with a picture of me, taken from the crowd, naked under the spotlight. Axel Lavigne wanking in public. Iyon ang nakalagay na title sa article. That really pissed me off. Why would I fucking wank when I could fuck all the snatch I want? 

The incident happened just two days ago and the pictures were already spreading like wildfire all over the internet. I leaned back on my swivel chair and massaged my temples. She fucking ruined my life. How are people going to take me seriously now? How is my father going to take me seriously now that there was a picture of me naked going around the internet? I wanted to strangle whoever that woman was... or better yet, fuck her to death. Yeah, iyon ang magandang parusa para sa babaeng iyon.

That woman... she's fucking killing me. I wanted her so bad. I wanted to know how her red, luscious lips would feel around my shaft. How her tight, wet snatch would feel around me... I find myself taking cold showers every night because of her. I hate her but I lust after her at the same time. Damn, just thinking about her got me hard. The moment I get her, I would fuck her like an animal. I would do my best to break her hips. I swear to God, I would fuck her so long, so hard, so deep she'd never be able walk again.

Damn, I needed to get laid... badly. I reached for my phone and scrolled through the contact. I just picked a random name on my booty call list. It doesn't matter who it was, if the name is on the list, she's fuckable. Now, these girls knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. I made it clear to them that I don't do relationships. I'm all for casual sex and they know it. Kasalanan na nila iyon kung mahulog man ang loob nila sa akin pero hindi ko na pinapaabot sa puntong iyon. Kapag nararamdaman kong naaattach na sa akin ang isang babae, hindi ko na siya tinatawagan ulit. She gets deleted from the booty call list.

"Ooh.. ooh... ohh! Axeeel!" She cried out as I thrust myself into her. "I'm coming, Axel, I'm coming!"

I pounded to her harder and harder from behind. 

"Yes, oh yeeeeees!!!" Sinubsob niya ang ulo niya sa unan. I could already feel her throbbing around me. This was the second time I got her off and I still haven't come. I disappointedly pull out of her and looked down at my tool. Fucking fuck! What the fuck is wrong with you, buddy? Why won't you let me come?

"It's still hard, baby." She lazily said while giggling. No shit, sherlock. Nakahiga na siya sa kama at namumungay ang kanyang mga mata.

I just needed to concentrate. Stress lang siguro ako dahil sa picture na kumakalat. Don't think about it too much, man. Just fuck her.

"Hey--" I stopped mid-sentence. Ano nga bang pangalan niya? Emily? Kelly? Kimberly? I'm sure it was something with ly at the end. Well, fuck it. "Hey, you."

 Tumingin siya sa akin. "Yeah, baby?"

"Come over here." I said, taking the condom off. She scooted next to me. Ibinaba ko ang ulo niya sa pagitan ng mga hita ko. "Open your mouth." I commanded. "And suck me."

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