Chapter Twenty Six

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Valerie’s POV

I was in the shower, getting ready for work. Hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin makalimutan ang dalawang araw na bakasyon namin sa lake house. Yesterday, we took a dip in the lake, and then relaxed and talked before we decided to go home. I was still hungover from yesteday. Kung pwede nga gusto ko sanang magtagal pa doon. I didn’t want to leave that place but we had to. Marami pa kasing naiwan trabaho dito si Axel. Next time we go back to that place, it would be our honeymoon.

Sana lang walang magbago sa amin. I liked the fun Axel. He was not at all like Moody Bastard Axel.

Lumabas na ako ng shower, dried myself and as soon I stepped out of the bathroom, sinalubong ako ni Axel.

“Can you help me with my tie?” He held out a black scrap of cloth. I was more than happy to oblige. I took it from him and wrapped it around him. We were only inches apart. I could smell his after shave, like him very musculine and subtle.

“Thanks.” He grinned sheepishly. “You go get dressed. I’ll wait for you outside.”   

“Okay.” Sagot ko.

I quickly got dressed and put on a little makeup before joining Axel for a quick breakfast. Pagkatapos namin magbreakfast umalis na kami papunta sa trabaho.

He stopped his car infront of the building like he does everyday to drop me off.

“Have a nice day.” I said. “I love you.” I leaned over to him to give him a kiss on the cheek. He turned his head and I ended up kissing him on the lips. It was just a light peck but it sent my heart racing. I felt his lips move against mine delicately. I began to return the kiss, our lips molding together.


The car behind us honked loudly. I felt him smile against my lips, making me smile too. He pulled away and chuckled. “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah…” I sighed, still wanting more. I swung the car door open and slipped out of it. I waved at Axel goodbye before he drove off. I bit my lower lip. I felt drunk from the kiss. We had kissed before but it was always during some kind of sexual-heightened moment. This was different. It was special. It was pure and innocent and sweet.  

I felt like I was walking on clouds as I walked inside the building.  The bond with shared in the lake house, the kiss we just shared seconds ago. What does that all mean? Was he starting to love me back?

“Good morning, Valerie.” Nicole greeted me when I entered our office.

“Good morning.” I replied, I still couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

“Ang blooming mo ngayon. Nakakahawa ngiti mo.” She teased.

I chuckled as I sat on my desk. She followed against my desk and gave me a smile before wiggling her brows up and down. “Dahil ba yan kay Mr. Lavigne?”

“Huh? Hindi ‘no.” I denied, avoiding eye contact with her.

“Ano’ng hind? Kayo kaya ang hot topic ngayon dito sa opisina. Yung nangyari dun sa birthday ni Cooper tapos pareho pa kayong nawala ng dalawang araw. Tell me the real score between you two.”

 “Wala.” I answered, trying to sound as casual as possible. “We just know each other because he’s my brother’s friend.”

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