Chapter Nineteen

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Axel’s POV

I cursed to myself as I slumped my body down to my seat. I didn’t know what game that brat was playing but I didn’t want to be a part of it. I’d been played once and I would never let anyone take me for a fool again. No, I would never let anyone hurt me the way Giuliana had hurt me. I had to be careful because I almost fell for Valerie. She was just like Giuliana. A spoiled rotten brat. God, I thought I had already learned my lessons. I knew how I’ll break. I knew what kind of situation will break me. I knew what kind of people will do it. And I knew how much it’ll hurt. I just didn’t want it to happen again.

I needed to push Valerie away before she’d come too close emotionally speaking.

Valerie’s POV

Instead of throwing myself a pity party alone in my room I decided to go to the club with my friends. Wala naman pasok bukas dahil weekend. I also wanted to forget what happened yesterday at Axel’s office. Nagpakababa na ako para lang pansinin niya ako. Nilunok ko ng pride, hiya, inhibition pati na nga respeto sa sarili. Pero tinaboy niya lang ako na parang diring-diri siya sa akin. I was only glad I didn’t cry in front of him and walked out with the teenie tiny dignity left in me.

“Girl, kanina ka pa walang kibo d’yan.” Natatawang sabi ni Amy.

“Are you sick?” Venus asked.

I shook my head. “No, I’m alright.” I poured myself another drink and was about to down it when Trina took it away from me.

“Easy there, girl. We’re here to have fun, not get drunk.” Trina said.

“Remember the last time you got drunk?” Amy giggled.

“Nagsayaw ka sa ibabaw ng stage.” Venus laughed.

I rolled my eyes at them as I put my elbow on the table and rested my head on my hand. Damn it! Kung hindi nangyari iyon wala ako sa ganitong sitwasyon ngayon. Axel wouldn’t have blackmail me with the video of me wildly dancing on top of the stage and I wouldn’t have fallen for him.

But then I thought, maybe I alredy did have feelings for him before all of it even happened. I remembered the first time we met in the hospital. I was standing beside Tristan’s bed when they came in. I vaguely remembered my heart skipping a beat when his dark brooding eyes met mine. It was both terrifying yet stunning. He was a sexy hunk of a man. A perfect picture of raw masculinity. All Tristan’s friends were good-looking but there was something about him that pulled at me.

“Halika, sumayaw na lang tayo.” Aya ni Trina. She grabbed me by my hand at kinaladkad niya ako papunta sa dance floor. Kami lang ang nagsasayaw noong una pero may lalaking lumapit sa sumayaw sa harap ko. Trina left me and danced with another man. I had no choice but to just passively dance along.  The man in front of me wasn’t that bad of a looker but I just couldn’t get myself to enjoy. Well, I wasn’t in the mood to party in the first place. Ayaw ko lang magmukmok sa kwarto mag-isa dahil sa nangyari. Napansin kong papalapit siya ng papalapit sa akin until we were only like inches apart. It didn’t take long before he was putting his hands on my waist.

Biglang may bumunggo sa kanya kanan niya. He was bumped so hard he fell to the ground.

“What the hell?”

“Sorry, man. Didn’t see you.” I turned my head at the familiar voice and saw Axel. His eyes averted to me with silent hostility. Napansin ko rin ang babaeng nakalambitin sa leeg niya. He was with one of thos typical club bimbos with ten pounds of make up and huge, silicone boobs.

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