Chapter 19: Rescuing Takes Hard Work

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     Seeing the sight Ashlynn being taken away, was horrifying. What was I supposed to do? Save her. I couldn't. I was in a coma. She was in trouble and I couldn't help her or save her. I'm going crazy.

      So that night, I could've swarn  I heard a voice in my head. "Hunter, you have to save her!" I was trying to wake up, but couldn't wake up.

      Suddenly I noticed that he was now in the middle of no where. "Ugh. Where am I?" I got up from the floor and start to fly. Then I see a girl running and giggling. I follow the sound and notice that I end up in the forest. It was filled with flowers and little fairies flying around. It felt like a dream, but it wasn't. "Follow me..." the voice said.

      The girl stopped running and sat on a rock. It glowed so I stood in front of her. She motioned for me to come to her, so I did. As soon as I did, I realized who it was. " Hailey?" She put her hand out and said my name.

      Hailey was my twin sister. Same brown hair. Same brown eyes, just a little hazel at night.  She has tan skin and is a black wolf like Ashlynn. When she turns into a wolf her eyes turn blue like Ash, while my turn like yellow.

      Anyway, I hugged Hailey really tight. I couldn't believe it. I haven't see my sister in thirteen years since her death. Long story short, she died of leukemia cancer. "Hailey is that really you? I haven't seen you in forever..." I started to cry. Tears of joy running down my cheeks. It was good to see my twin again, after all those years of suffering.

      "Hunter, sweetie. As much as I miss you and its been thirteen years,  but I'm just someone that your seeing in your vision. I'm sorry to tell you the truth." I got sad. I really though she was real and was in front of me. "Oh. Its okay, Hailey. I mean we did make that promise when we four. Remember?" Hailey nodded her head twice.

      If you wanna know what the promise was, here it is:

When me and Hailey were four, we made a very good promise. One that we would never forget.

      We were in preschool and I realized something after the teacher yelled at Joesph for lieing to her about stealing Clover's cookie. "Hailey! Come, quick!" She ran faster than I did. "What wrong?" she asked. Preschoolers. You know how they talk. Anyway, I was telling Hailey about what could happen to us if we lied to each other. We've seen it before with mom and dad. So, we don't want it to happen to us. Once we made our deal, we were telling the truth to each other until Hailey's death.

      So, that's the story. Let's continue now. "Hunter, Ashlynn is in big trouble. You have to save her!" I looked down at my feet. "I... I can't. I'm in a coma. How am I supposed to save her?" Hailey took something out of her pocket. It was liquid in a bottle. A bottle that looked like one of those potion bottles. So, she gaved it to me and told me to drink it. "C'mon, Hunter. Don't be scared. This will help you." I took he bottle and opened it. "How will this help me?" I asked. "Hunter. It will wake you up from your coma, so that you can help Ashlynn. It will also give you power." I looked at the bottle then up at Hailey. I did it again. I trusted my sister. I always did, so I drank the potion and I was slowly disappearing from the vision. "Hailey! Thank you. I will miss you twinsie!" Hailey hugged me and I woke up, while breathing heavily. 

      It was still night time. About, 7:00.  I remember what Hailey told me, "Hunter, Ashlynn is in big trouble. You have to save her!" I ran to the forest,  looking for Ashlynn. I couldn't find her. I could've swarn I saw her here with someone. And then, I remembered that today was prom. Dustin could still be there. Maybe he forced Ashlynn to go with him.

      I ran to the school without my prom clothes. I did have time, so I just left my regular clothes on. Once I arrived, the prom had started, people were walking in. I saw Maddie and Julia handing out pamphlets. I ran over and yelled their names. "Maddie! Julia!" They both looked at me and ran over. "Hunter! What are you doing here? Ashlynn told us that you were in a coma. You recovered that fast?" I told them that it was a long story and asked if Ashlynn was here.

      "Ya. She came here with some guy, who's very well dressed." I looked very mad. I pushed Madds (maddie) and Julia out of the way. I opened the doors to the gym and saw Dustin and Ashlynn. Dancing? I thought the dance just started. I look at my watch and remember that clock on the desk. That one said 7:05. And my watch said 8:30. That was the slow dance time and the only time!

       I run over and shove Dustin out of the way, hugging Ashlynn at the same time. "You'll never convince her, she loves me, not you!" I hugged Ashlynn so tight. She thought I was gonna die from that coma, but no. Thanks to my twin, Hailey. "Hunter! Look out!" I turned around and pushed Ashlynn out of he way. She fell down and so did I. Everyone ran outside and didn't look through the windows.They didn't want to see what was happening. Dustin and I both turned into wolves. We were fighting and Ashlynn was beside me the whole time helping me fight. She ruined her dress, but she wouldn't be at prom after this mess.

      The fight had ended. 0-1. Me and Ashlynn won and Dustin lost. He got expelled for torturing me and Ash, so we were fine the rest of the year. No fighting. No torture. All peace and joy since Dustin got moved to a private school...


       I don't know what happened. I was in the middle of calling my friends and something took me. Before I knew it, I was at prom with a guy who was very well dressed. I thought it was Hunter, but when I looked up, it wasn't him. It was... Dustin.

       "Look, Dustin. I know your not friends with Hunter, but that doesn't mean,  that I have to be feiends with you, so good bye. I'm going to go and check on Hunter. There's no way I'm going to prom without Hunter." Dustin looked at me and told me something. "Listen, you little flower. You are going to prom with me or eles Hunter dies. Got it?" I nodded my head and looked at the clock. It was 8 o'clock.

       It was close to eight thirty and they were about to play a slow song. When they did, Dustin took my hand and started dancing with me. We were really close and it seemed as if he was about to kiss me. "Stop!" Hunter yelled. I turned around and try to hug Hunter, but Dustin wouldn't let go. "Let go of her!" I moved out of the way, when Hunter pushed Dustin to the ground.

       I told everyone to go outside and stay out there until further notice. When I turned to check on the fighters, they were wolves. Hunter needed help so, I turned into a wolf and fought Dustin. My dress was ruined, but we won. Dustin got expelled and sent private school for troubled kids. Too bad for him. So, since he was gone, the rest of the school year was peaceful. I never thought about it, but it was close to graduation.

       I told Hunter to follow me and I had to ask him something. "What's wrong, pumpkin?" I took Hunter's hand and asked, "Hunter. On graduation day, will you promise to- bring you a special surprise? Already ahead of you." Hunter interrupted. "Really? Oh thank you Hunter!" I hugged him and walked away feeling sooo happy.

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