Special Thanks To...

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Hey, everyone! I hope you liked the story as much as I did. Sadly it has to come to an end. :(  But hey, keep your heads up, cause I have more stories to come. You're welcome to go to my profile and check out my books! I only have two there, but I'll be making another one.

So lets get this show on the road please. Earl Gray, would you please do the honor of telling me the names? Oh you clever dooor mouse. If I call your name, feel free to say something on my message board. So, everyone can I please have a drum roll please!

And the special thanks goes to...

Krystal686- for being a nice friend and caring

FrozenFanForever- Loving my story and helping me out when I need it.

raventheAWESOMEone- for talking with me alot and sharing that song shower wih me.

ArikaJewel- for commenting in almost every chapter and for being funny about her comments

Ever After High- for inspiring me with their episodes

My brother Avery- for helping me out

Poppy O'Hair- For being my ever after high friend

Fasterthanthewind- For being my best friend and the powerful Huntlynn shipper!

and to all my followers for keeping this story alive, voting and commenting when they can! Everyone, I promise to make more books soon!

Again, thank you sooo much for helping and reading my stories. I will mostly miss this one more than any other book I've wrote. Also, my brother is only 6 so he doesn't have this app. And ever after high is not a person on Wattpad. And one question. Do you guys want me to make another story about Hunter and Ashlynn? But you know, in a different way. Like... I don't know, the regular way? Please message me and comment about it!


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