His Little Devil by SarcasticallyWitty
His Little Devilby Leata
[SECOND BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] "Of course I'm just like my mother." I roll my grey eyes. "I popped out of her uterus." "Miss Paris!" &qu...
  • princesa
  • river
  • jayden
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His Beautiful Amore by SarcasticallyWitty
His Beautiful Amoreby Leata
[THIRD BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] "Why don't you go for a hike in those ridiculous death traps you call heels." I suggest. "Maybe you can fall off a cliff...
  • ashlynn
  • nate
  • raziel
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Her Mates by Queen_of_fiction956
Her Matesby Ashleigh
Ashlynn Monroe is an 18-year-old werewolf and the Beta of her pack. She hasn't found her mate yet, but one day when her Alpha calls her into his office to give her the n...
  • love
  • cain
  • caiden
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Ever After #EAHWattyAwards2018 by Stiles1232178
Ever After #EAHWattyAwards2018by Liha
.E V E R A F T E R H I G H. "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Annabella Wonder. The daughter of Alice of Wo...
  • sister
  • wonder
  • ashlynn
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The Queen & Her King (sequel to the princess & the lost boy) Completed by IndigoSpell3
The Queen & Her King (sequel to Nicole Anderson
Ashlynn Pendragon is back home in Camelot and has just been crowned the Queen. She came back just three years ago from being on Neverland with the one and only Peter Pan...
  • shadow
  • neverland
  • love
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EAH ONE SHOTS~ HORROR by _Lokiness_19
EAH ONE SHOTS~ HORRORby ~Sebastiane~
OPEN FOR REQUEST! Just some short horror stories about each character from ever after high. Here's a teaser. Cerise POV I walk alone in the dark forest. Being alone i...
  • eahhorror
  • everafterhighhorror
  • eahwattyawards2018
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Darkness Falls  by curls_n_curves
Darkness Falls by Ashleigh ♥
When Ashlynn was 8 and barely started her first day of a new school she was more than thrilled, but what she didn't expect was to be the reason to break up a fight betwe...
  • warlocks
  • werewolves
  • university
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Her Mates by AshleighT___
Her Matesby Ashleigh
Ashlynn Monroe is an 18-year-old werewolf and the Beta of her pack. She hasn't found her mate yet, but one day when her Alpha calls her into his office to give her the n...
  • caiden
  • mates
  • caleb
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Raising a Kid at 16 by C4_Faith16
Raising a Kid at 16by Cassandra
Ashlynn's baby is now 1. She is a teen mom. Juggling Junior year, being a mom and now John wants to meet his son? Ashlynn is finally getting over what happened to her...
  • shane
  • babyboy
  • ashlynn
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Twisted Afters: An Ever After High Fanfiction by LogicallyLulu
Twisted Afters: An Ever After ❀✿Christian Nerd❀✿
(Collab book with @wildplants-) Shortly after all their stories went into play Evil Queen Raven receives finds an invitation to Queen Apple White and King Dexter Charmi...
  • high
  • charming
  • everafterhigh
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Ever After High Ships One-Shots by PTCVBF
Ever After High Ships One-Shotsby PTCVBFlamingPhoenix
Hello. PTCVBF HERE. Welcome to my book of Ever After High Ships One Shots. It's pretty self explanatory so I think it's better to just start reading. Updated at my leisu...
  • dapple
  • lizzie
  • dexven
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Kidz Bop Fanfic by JahmyaMoody
Kidz Bop Fanficby Jahmya Moody
What happens when the Kidz Bop kids take a break from tour to go to school in Canada? They'll meet new friends, some foes, more than friends, and maybe a familiar face.
  • matt
  • kidzbop
  • sela
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The Story of Rain | A Short Story by xFrostKnight
The Story of Rain | A Short Storyby mσnѕtєr
Rain Everwood is curious. Too curious. And they say curiosity killed the cat. But what if there was never a cat? Thomas Doven is egotistic. Too egotistic. And no one was...
  • racism
  • rain
  • curiosity
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Ever After High- Truth or Dare by NEXTREDLION
Ever After High- Truth or Dareby Luna Genesis
"This is why we don't get to do anything nice" Apple sighed as she picked up the snake. "Why did I even agree to this?". "I don't know and I don...
  • apple
  • humour
  • briar
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Kidnapped the Girl With a Puzzle Piece  by helpimlost7
Kidnapped the Girl With a Puzzle Where Am I
‼️THIS BOOK CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE WORDS‼️ Ashlynn Heins is just a girl. A sarcastic, sweet, yet feisty girl, she even plays the violin. She does however have secrets...
  • autism
  • sarcasm
  • divorced
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Secrets by FairyOfMusic319
Secretsby FairyOfMusic319
What happens when Apple White daughter of Snow White goes missing one day and ends up dead? That's not it, her friends, Ashlynn, Raven, Briar, and Cerise get alarming me...
  • cerise
  • everafterhigh
  • raven
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De Squad's Random Blog by _xXThe_SquadXx_
De Squad's Random Blogby _xXThe_SquadXx_
(Book by Eevee, Kat, and Zane) Eevee: heyo!! Kat: hi! This is a random book for our squad! Zane: it's kinda like a blog. Similar to Harumi's. Harumi: Heyo. Eevee: yep...
  • ashlynn
  • zane
  • star
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👑Princess of EverWhisp👑 Sofia The First FF by AshFairyGodmother
👑Princess of EverWhisp👑 Sofia Ashlynn
👑Princess Ashlynn is the princess of the most richest and most beautiful and most powerful kingdom of all,EverWhisp,it's so magnificent that even the clothing of the ro...
  • sofiathefirst
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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