His Little Devil by SarcasticallyWitty
His Little Devilby Leata
[SECOND BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] "Of course I'm just like my mother." I roll my grey eyes. "I popped out of her uterus." "Miss Paris!" &qu...
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Her Mates by AshleighT___
Her Matesby Ashleigh
Ashlynn Monroe is an 18-year-old werewolf and the Beta of her pack. She hasn't found her mate yet, but one day when her Alpha calls her into his office to give her the n...
  • alpha
  • cain
  • luna
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Ever After #EAHWattyAwards2018 by Derina123
Ever After #EAHWattyAwards2018by Ryn
.E V E R A F T E R H I G H. "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Annabella Wonder. The daughter of Alice of Wo...
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I'm A Mom At 16 by C4_Faith16
I'm A Mom At 16by Cassandra
Hi, My name is Ashlynn. People either call me Ash or Lynn. I'm 16 and I'm a mom. Yep a teen mom. I became pregnant when i was 15. This is my story of how my life is now...
  • mom
  • teen
  • pregnant
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The Queen & Her King (sequel to the princess & the lost boy) by IndigoSpell3
The Queen & Her King (sequel to Nicole Anderson
Ashlynn Pendragon is back home in Camelot and has just been crowned the Queen. She came back just three years ago from being on Neverland with the one and only Peter Pan...
  • death
  • camelot
  • hourglass
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Inesperado y Catastrófico by abadejohofferson
Inesperado y Catastróficoby
Q pasaría si los personajes de ever after high tuvieran q enfrentarse y sobrevivir a una serie de diversos monstruoso , q pasara q sucedera lee esta historia y lo sabrás
  • rosabella
  • daring
  • queen
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A High School Reunion Baby  by Miacaroline
A High School Reunion Baby by Miacaroline
What happens after high school? When Oliver and Bekah promise to each other on the night before graduation to be happy together, if they're not married and happy by the...
  • oliver
  • baby
  • bekah
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Adopted by Popularmmos and Gaming with Jen by Ash3105
Adopted by Popularmmos and Ashlynn:)
This is a story with Popularmmos and Gaming with Jen. Cover made by: nerdiplier
  • ashlynn
  • sunny
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Ever After High Ships One-Shots by PTCVBF
Ever After High Ships One-Shotsby PTCVBFlamingPhoenix
Hello. PTCVBF HERE. Welcome to my book of Ever After High Ships One Shots. It's pretty self explanatory so I think it's better to just start reading. CAUTION: I OWN NONE...
  • darlase
  • everafterhigh
  • dexven
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Ever After High: Stranded (#EAHWattyAwards2018) by _Lokiness_19
Ever After High: Stranded ( ~Sebastiane~
C O M P L E T E D ✔️ Highest rank : #1 in Ever After High Watty Awards 2018 ✔️✔️ Updated : September 03 2018 / 08:09 PM Currently : #2 in Ever After High Watty Awards 20...
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Forbidden {Ever After High Fanfic} by camillazoetanya
Forbidden {Ever After High Fanfic}by camillazoetanya
Hunter and Ashlynn made it through second year but third year is starting. Parents are hosting balls, and thinking of legacies. Also can Ashlynn get through meeting Hunt...
  • rexter
  • fanfiction
  • everafterhigh
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Adventures of Magic & Monsters ~ Year Three by TheDarlingWriter
Adventures of Magic & Monsters ~ TheDarlingWriter
For Twelve long years, the dread fortress Azkaban held an infamous prisoner named Sirius Black. Convicted of killing thirteen people with a single curse, he was said to...
  • hermione
  • magic
  • professors
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Falling For My Best Friend by xprincessjacksonx
Falling For My Best Friendby Daisha Jackson
Ashlynn and Michael has been friend since he was in the Jackson 5. They vowed that they would never fall in love with each other. Will they remain friends? Will the brea...
  • jackson
  • michael
  • smith
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