Chapter 2: You Have a Visitor

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                             A Continue of Ashlynn's side of the story:

        We arrive at Hunter's room. I look at the number on the door: Room 103. Under it I see a name: Hunter Huntsman, and the nurse's name Mrs. Smith. "Here you go. Hunter's room. Be careful. He's still in some pain. Okay?" I nodded my head yes and open the door.

        "Hunter. It's Ashlynn." I walk over to Hunter and pull up a chair and sit next to Hunter's bed. I grab his hand and hold it up to my heart. Hunter's eyes twitch a little and then they open. I see his sparkling brown eyes looking a me. "A-Ash. You're here. L-look, I won't be able to go to school tomorrow. But can you come after school to see me?" I could tell that he was in great pain because he was moaning and groaning. "Of course. Anything for my sweetheart." Did I just say sweetheart to Hunter. Why would I do that.

        I stay in the hospital for about an hour when my mom called. "Hi, mom. Oh, honey are you okay? Yeah. I'm fine. Where are you? I'm at the hospital. HOSPITAL! Mom, calm down, calm down. My friend just got hurt and I'm just visiting. You can come if you'd like. Who is it? Hunter. Oh, okay dear. Tell Hunter that I'll call his parents, or at least one of them.  Okay. See you later mom. And oh, bring some clothes, a brush, a towel and shoes. Why? Because when I was saving Hunter's,  oh I'll just tell you later. Bye. Bye honey."


        Ashlynn opens the door and says my name. I woke up but still couldn't open my eyes. She comes over to my bed, pulls up a chair and grabs my hand. She brings it to her heart and squeezed my hand. I open my eyes and look into her beautiful face. She had a curly piece of hair hanging over her eye. I take my hand and move the hair from here face. Then, I see her eyes. The darkest pink I ever saw.

          I asked her if she'd like to come over tomorrow after school. "Of course. Anything for my sweetheart." I couldn't believe it. She did like me. I was gonna say, thanks, but it back fired.

          An hour later, Ashlynn's phone rang. She was talking for a few minutes, when she hung up, she put her phone in her bag and looked at me.

        "Who was that, Ash." I asked while sitting myself up. "My mom. She's coming to see you. She also told me to tell you that she's calling your parents. Or at least one of them. She'll be here soon." "Oh. That's cool. Uh... Ashlynn. Um, well you're probably wondering why I'm so hurt right now huh?" She didn't answer. She just got up and walked over to the windowsill and sighed. "Ashlynn?" "Yes. I want to know what happened. Why you were calling my name and why you're all scratched up and why you were bursting into tears. Tell me the truth." Ashlynn turned around and looked at me with her green eyes. I guess she was ready because green means calm.

        You think you already know what happened, right? Well what I told you was just end of it. So, let me continue to the the beginning:

       I got up and looked Dustin in the eye. "Look. You can fight whoever you want but, why don't you just fight me instead. If I win, you will leave Earth and never come back. You especially can't kidnap Ashlynn." Dustin looked at me like I was gonna lose. "Fine. If I win, I kidnap Ashlynn, never leave Earth and kill you and your family." When I said Dustin killed my real parents, well he thought that he did but those were robots. My real parents are safe somewhere else so I live with my aunt and uncle.

       Anyway, Dustin and I shook hands. When I turned around to leave, Dustin ran in front of me and punched me in the face and stomach. He broke the deal. Or more like I did. "Trying to walk away on our deal eh. Well you've certainly made the wrong choice." I looked at Dustin with only one eye open. All of a sudden I drop to the floor after a guy punches my left leg. "I hate you Hunter." "Just, please don't hurt the ones I love, again!" I already knew that I lost the battle, but now, Ashlynn's gonna be alone at school and that means Dustin will kidnap her! I bet that this was all part of his mischievous plan. Someday... I'll get revenge on Dustin. He's gonna pay.

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