Chapter 13- part 1: Memories could be Endless...

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"They told you everything was waiting for you, they told you everything was set in stone. But now you're feeling like a different ending, sometimes you gotta find it on your own..."

                                                                                -Ever After High


    There it was, the moving van ready to go. I jumped on my bed and lied down. Trying to forget about Hunter and the horrible nightmares I had last night. Four times. Some of them felt real, like it was going to happen in life. Soon.

     Before I got into the car, I looked at my soon-to-be old house. Then I looked at Hunter's. I saw him through the window. Sitting in his room, taking all the pictures of us down. Then I saw him holding a picture that I would never forget. It was a little blurry, so I can't explain. "Ashlynn, come on. We need to get there on time. Oh, I see. Look, if you want to say goodbye to Hunter... go ahead, but make it quick."

      I looked at my mom sadly, then at Hunter's room full of frustration. No one understood what was going on with me and Hunter, so why bother. He will miss me, but I won't... confusingly. I got into the car and turned on my phone. I went into my contact list and deleted Hunter's number. It hurted, but I tried not to suffer. 

     I reached in to my sweater pocket and took out a necklace. It was the one Hunter gave to me. I rolled down the window and through the necklace out. I could not believe in what I was doing,  but I had a feeling that everything would hopefully turn out fine.

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