Chapter 7: Accidents, Feelings, and...

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      Weeks later after the kiss, me and Ashlynn have been together ever since. Holding hands, kissing each other on the cheek, and hugging. I even started calling Ash, pumpkin and she started calling me sugar or  sweetie.

       But we've been getting kinda weird lately. A month later we stop talking. I didn't know what was going on. I needed to talk to Ashlynn. Fast. "Ash, uh... look. After that kiss and all, we were into each other. But, know we don't talk anymore. What's up?" She looks at me and grabs my hand. She brings me outside and behind the school where no one ever goes.

       "Hunter," Ash tries to say without crying. "The only reason I can't talk to you anymore is because... they told me not to." Ashlynn burst into tears. I had to hug her. She needed comfort and support. We sat down and she told me everything. It was sad but, I tried not to cry. 

       "Why didn't you tell me, Ash. I know that its sad, but we could've worked it out together. Hand in hand. We could stand up to them. Just trust me. Please." Ashlynn took my hand. Looked at me straight in the eyes and I saw them turn black. She was scared. To scared, even to talk to me. Ash kneeled over and kissed me. Then, she gets up and runs  away crying.


        I was really into Hunter. Seriously. We loved each other so much. But then, I started avoiding him. I didn't want him to know. If he found out, it would change everything we have together. Our partnership, our friendship and maybe even our...our...

        Soon, everything between us was taken away because of something going on with me. Its just that, when ever I see him, I have to turn away. Even if he wants to talk about something important or not.

        I felt bad not talking to him for the past month though. So, I decided that it was time to man up and tell Hunter the truth. When I saw Hunter, I grabbed his hand and brought him behind the school.

        "Look Hunter, the only reason I don't talk to you anymore is because... because..." I was hesitating. Really bad and there was nothing I could do about it. "They told me not to!" I burst out crying, messing up my makeup. Hunter gave me hug. Now It was time for the hard part. To tell him why:

         This all happened 5 years ago... I was playing with my monster high dolls and watching Good Luck Charlie. (I mean, what girl doesn't play with their dolls when there at least 8, 9 or 10?)

         Anyway, my mom was making hazelnut soup. My favorite. And my dad was playing with me, just to keep me company. All of a sudden, some people burst through the door and take me and mom. My dad did all he could to save us but, it was no use. The DCF took us away and kept us hostage for two years, until they let me and mom go. They still watch us though.

        But, then they told us the truth. "Look, your probably wondering why we took you away from your house.  Well, no. That's wrong. Your father, Ashlynn... he hated your mother. He also hated you to, but he didn't want you to know. He thought that if he called us, he would never have to see you again." I was heartbroken, but mom was even more heartbroken that I was. I was also mad too. After all that, my mom vowed to never get married again. I still didn't understand why I can't see Hunter ever again. So they told me why. "Well your father wants you to be miserable. So, when he found out that you were dating someone that you really love, he decided to have you breakup with him." I was crying. My mom comforted me. They told me that I could tell Hunter and let him down easy.

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