Chapter 11: Its Time to Move. NO Excuses.

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                                                     Part 10:


     After that big fight Hunter and I had, I felt bad. I mean... he had to go a week looking at me packing boxes without crying. I was gonna miss Hunter a lot, but there was nothing to do now. It was too late to fix anything else,  so I just had a hard time focusing. Focusing in class, at home, and everywhere eles we went. Even if I knew that this was all wrong and that I should at least say that I was sorry, he knew that I didn't want to speak to him. Sometimes I just wish that I could take back everything that I said and just start all over. Start everything over between me and Hunter. But if that ever happened, the same thing that's going on right now... would happen again.

      So, it was the last week for me to do what was right for us. I had to be brave and strong. I had to hold back tears and fight the negativity. Bring back the positive side of me.

     I went to Hunter's house and knocked on the door. I waited until someone answered. It was Hunter's dad. "Oh, well hello... um, Ashlynn. What are you doing here?" I looked around to see if Hunter was in the living room. He was. I quickly turn my head away and pretended not to be noticed by him.

       "I just need to speak with Hunter." I reply while looking down at my feet. Mr. Huntsman looked at Hunter and called him over. I was getting nervous once I heard Hunter coming. Hunter closes the door behind him and sits on the second doorstep. I turn around and sit on the first doorstep. We stay silent for about 2 minutes, until I get a conversation going. This was my last day, which meant a last chance to turn this whole thing around.

       "Um, Hunter... I'm a... this is my last day." I couldn't be brave, I couldn't be strong, I couldn't hold back tears. It was all over the minute I freaked out. I move to the second step and hold Hunter's hand. I look him straight in the eye and start crying. He looks at me and kisses my forehead. I knew that he still liked me but, there was just nothing inside me that had the guts for Hunter anymore. I know that he's still my boyfriend, but for some reason, I didn't like him. "I know that this is your last day, but... I still like you. I hate the fact that you're going through all this and I know that you hate too, but... but I will miss you, Ash. Don't you understand?" Hunter made me mad at certain times, but his words were just making me go crazy.

        "I know that you're gonna miss me, but these decisions are hard to make. I know that we're still going out, but there's something that I need to say. Can we... walk around the town for a bit? I mean if you don't mind."


         Ashlynn was mad at me. So mad at me that, she won't even talk to me. Not even say sorry. I mean, I know  that she wants to say sorry, but can't. I know how she feels though. I want to say sorry as well, but don't have the opportunity or the right approach.

         Today was the day. The day to make my move and to change everything before its too late to fix anything. In order for everything to go right and the way that I want it to be, I made a plan. I also made a back up plan, just in case... you know. I skipped two useless steps on the plan and went straight to the third step:

Step 3: At exactly 30 seconds to 7:00 p.m,  walk to Ashlynn's house and knock on the door. Then wait for an answer.

          But before I could do any of the things step three was telling me to do, someone knocked on the door. Dad walked out of the kitchen and looked at me. "You know, Hunter... it would be a GREAT use if you could get up out of a chair, stop being lazy, and answer the door for once."

          I rolled my eyes and changed the channel. When my dad opened the door it was a pleasant surprise. For me at least. When I turned to look at the door, Ashlynn was standing there. Tears coming to her eyes once she looked at me. But she held them back. I turned to look back at the TV while hearing the conversation.

          "Hello, Mr. Huntsman. Uh... would you mind if I speak to Hunter for a minute? I mean if he's here." She looked down and bangs fell over, covering her eyes. "Well, he is a- oh, I understand if he's not here... I'll come by later..." Ashlynn hesitated when she interrupted people. she didn't like to interrupt. Ash turned around to leave but I got up. "Wait!" I yelled holding my hand in the air. Maybe I cried a little too, but that doesn't matter! I was about to lose Ashlynn because none of us would apologize. This is her last day and we're acting like fools!

          "Um.. er, dad... can I speak to Ashlynn for a moment?" I really didn't know what I got myself into. This was all a mistake. Ya, I knew that. Did I just leave Ash alone the way that she wanted it? Yes, I did. Now she wants to change it all before its all ruined. I love her for that. For being, smart, kind, funny, cute, and generous. But most of all... I love her for being herself.

          I closed the door behind me and sat on a step. I burried my face into my hands and cried. "I'm sorry..." Ashlynn blurted out. I look at her, wiping the tears from my eyes. "For... what?" I asked, still crying. "You're leaving tomorrow, Ash. This is the last day. I know Julia, Roxi, and Maddie might miss you, but there's one person that you left out... me. I'm gonna miss you most of all." Ashlynn couldn't believe what she was hearing. I could tell that she had enough.

          "Hunter, I know that you'll miss me, but there's... something that I want to say." She took my hand and we walked for a bit. We sat at a table in the cafe and I started wondering...

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