He Gets Older By The Day

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When I woke up to Ezio crying. I knew what it meant it was time for feeding or changing. "Hey it's ok" I pick Ezio and pat him on his back. Trying to calm him down, but it didn't work. "Hey it's ok, mama here." Then he started to cry louder. "What's wrong my dear Persephone?" said Hades coming up behind me rubbing my shoulders.  "It's Ezio he won't stop crying." "Did you try feeding him?" "No I didn't." I toke Ezio. To our room and layed him down. I pulled out my swollen breast. Once he started to suck I felt pain in my breast. I scream. Hades ran to me and asked "What's wrong my dear Persephone?" He started to rub my back. "My breast it hurts when Ezio is feeding." "Ohhhh..." "What's oh?" "Ezio is teething thats why it causes you so much pain in feeding him." Oh great I thought "Then what do we do?" I asked. "You'll have to stop breast feeding Ezio." My God it had only been a month since I have given birth to Ezio. How could this be?

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