Hades Visit (Hades P.O.V)

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I was our side the balcony of Persephone and her lover who they call Dinami. I then open the window and transform into the one called Dinami and I close the door trying not to awaken her. I pulled away my robe. I put myself on top of her I started to lick her cheek. Then I heard her say "Is that you Dinami?" oh her voice was like honey to my ears. "Who else can it be Persephone?" I said. then she turned over. She was naked. She started to look up and down at me. Her mouth turn into a sharp of an "O" . Then we started to kiss passionately our tongues fought for dominance and she let me won. I stop and I started to suck on her breasts and I started to bite at the dark pink nub of flesh and then she left up my head she started to plant kisses all over my face. I stop her and said "Do you think you are ready for this?" she nod her head yes. I started to slide myself into her trying hard not to hurt her and I started to slide myself out and I started to thrus faster and harder into her. Then the door open to reveal the real Dinami. She push me away from her and I started to walk away and go to the window "Hades?" she asked. I nod and transform into a black raven and I never looked back.

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