He Is My Son, Not Yours

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AN: Thank you for being so patient I finally back on track and I hope you are looking forward for the new updates:-)

I couldn't remember what happened. But the only thing I remember was that my own father, my sperm tried to kill me. Then I felt softness like I can melt into. My eyes open I saw I was laying on a bed of feathers. There was no covers or blankets only two pillows and I looked down at myself to see I was in mini black nightgown. Then I look around if I could see Ezio. I couldn't I started to panic. Then the bedroom door open to reveal Hades. Hades said "Finely Persephone my love is finely awake." The way he said my love sounded like a pur. I didn't want to be rude but I said "Where is my son?" "You mean our son?"he said "No my son. You weren't there when I was pregnant with him!" I yelled at him "NYX!" he yelled I back away from him if I had to face his wrath. A beautiful creature came through the door. She had white hair and white skin and a black dress that looks like mist and she looked like a skeleton in the dress. Then she said "Yes my lord?" she asked in a sinister voice. "Bring Persephone and mine son" She bowed he head and walked out of the room. I felt sorry for what I said to him. I kissed him on the lips. Hades smiled. Then Nyx walks back to the room with our son in a white cloth. She gives Ezio to me and walked away. And slammed the door. I gave Ezio to his father and he smiled.

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