Hades visit

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I was sitting with my lover Dinami (Trying to descript Guy Pearce). He is the general of my father army. He was only 46 but he looks like he is in his 30s he had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes and tanned skin color for being outside all the time. But me I was only 23 I have black hair and blue eyes and I olive skin. He started to rub my inner thigh and more up to my vagina I stop his hand and said "No Dinami" Then he said " I am sorry my love." Then Dinami kiss me passionately, his warm tongue found mine our tongues fought for dominance I let him win. I pulled away and whisper "It's time for you to go." I lick the top and bottom of his ear. He smiled and said "Good night my love I will claim your body later." He walk out of our room and close the door. I started to get undressed and prepare for Dinami return. A few minutes later I heard the door or a window open and close I didn't care. Then I felt a warm tongue on my cheek and

a large weight on me then I ask "Is that you Dinami?" "Who else can it be Persephone?" I turn over to see that Dinami was fully nude on top of me. And I have never seen him nude. We started to kiss passionately. Once again our tongues fought for dominance and I let him win. He stopped and started to suck on my breast he started to biting on the dark pink nub of flesh. Then I left up his head and kiss him. Then he said "Do you think that you are ready for this?" I nod my head yes then he slid himself into me and started to slide himself out trying hard not to hurt me. Then he started to move up the paste and started to move in and out faster and harder. Then the door open to reveal Dinami! I push of the Dinami on top of me then the Dinami next to me started to change he had long black hair tall he is  6' 2". and blue eyes (trying to describe actor Tom Hiddleston <3) he started to walk to the window. Then I said "Hades?" he look back at me the he turn into a large black Raven. And flew out. I started to cry Dinami ran to my side and he tried to calm me down I tried to please forgiveness and he kept whispering that it's going to be ok. Then I look at Dinami he started to cry. I kiss him I love him and nothing is going to change that. After a few minutes later we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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