King Leonidas (Dinami P.O.V)

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AN hello there I got this chapter called "King Leonitis" because I saw this 300 music video called time for dying by Three days Grace.

I was scared for my life. Not because of the war. But because of Persephone. thoughts kept running through my head and questions and the game of what if? like what if Persephone parents find out? Will they think it's Persephone and mine? what if they found out it was Hades? What if they thought we broke the first rule of marriage? we were supposed to marry first then children.

But that did not matter at all we have a war with the Persians. When king Leonitis came to our aid in one of our wars. He said in return we will come to his aid in anything. And we kept that promise and we never brake it. We agree on Leonitis terms that we will send some of our finest warriors to help. We are a small empire but our warriors are strong. I am just worried about Persephone.

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