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While when I was breast feeding Ezio the door open to reveal Dinami, my father, my mother, and some guards. I pulled Ezio close to me and looking at them. And they were looking at me. I was naked but my baby cover up parts of me. Dinami month toke a sharp of an "O". And had a sorry look. Then my mother said "Whose child is that?" "And don't you dare lie to me and your mother"said father. I knew I couldn't lie to them. " He is the son of Hades." I said then father said "Then it must be destroyed." "My king please do not take a life of an innocent child what harm can it do?" said Dinami. Then father said "Persephone please give me the child" "No"I said. "Persephone"said my mother. I look at her and said "I said no" "Persephone I will ask you one more time to give me the child." "No." I said "Then you give me no choice but to take the child away from you!, GUARD"said father. "Yes my king?" said one of the guards. "Take the child away from Persephone." said Father.

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