Lock Up In My Own Room

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Days turn into weeks. And weeks turn into months, and I have not not come out to eat or bathe. But servants will bring me food and I had to eat because it was not healthy for my baby or me so I ate for the baby. And my bump have double in size every day. even though it's only a few weeks. I started to rub my womb. I felt a little kids. I smiled. I felt my baby's first kick. I laughed and cry for enjoyment. I heard a knock at my door "Who is it?"I said "It's your mother, can I come in?" she asked. "No." I said "Why?"she said "Because I just don't want you to." I said "Fine, your father and Dinami are coming back in two weeks." and I heard her walk away from the door. I rub my womb again and felt a little kick again. I smiled and laughed. I look at my bump it grew bigger after I talk to my mother it look like I was going to give birth any minute.

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