The unexpected pregnancy

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I woke up. Of nowhere I throw up I scream for Dinami to wake up. He shot up to see what had happen I thrown up again. I must of had gotten the flu. Dinami ran to the nearest guard to go get a servant to clean it up. He returned "Persephone are you okay?" He asked I nod my head yes. He kissed my cheek. There was a knock on the door. "Come in!" he yelled the door open to reveal a guard and a servant with a a wooden bucket and rags. Then the servant move quickly and without  saying a word and started to clean up the mess. Then the guard said "The Emperor and Empress wants you in their presence." When we reach the garden were my parents are sitting at a table they look up at us. Dinami and I hand in hand. "Have you heard that another Empress at another empire is pregnant with the child of Zeus?" ask mother? "No"said Dinami and I said at the same time."Ok, did anyone unusual visit you?" "No." I said then I felt a sharp pain and I fell to the ground and scream for Dinami to take me back to our room. He carried me bridal style to our room. Just when we got there the servant ran out of the room to show that she was finish he layed me on the bed and kiss my lips then said "Persephone?" "yes?"I said " I will have to go to a war I will be gone for a few weeks or months and I am leaving tomorrow morning."I gave him our last passionate kiss of the night our tongues fought for dominance and I let him win. and we miss dinner we didn't care we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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