Hades (P.O.V) part 2

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As I made my way to the empire I heard fight I looked through the window without being seen. I heard him say "That child must be destroyed!" I gasp my son destroyed how could he?! Wanting to kill his own grandson. I went in without being seen. One of the guards when towards her. I wrap myself into him and turn him to a human husk. Then her father toke a crossbow from the guard and shot it at her. But before it reached her it rusted and turn into dust. Then I heard my name. I look down at her she was holding our child and she was nude. And the baby was covering her beautiful curve body and her perfect shape breast. I kiss his fully on the lips. and we started to fade into the oblivion then her father did the something but it happened again it rusted and turn into dust then. We faded into oblivion.

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