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The Missing Daughter of Harry Styles

Chapter Seven

Harry's POV

Me and Nicole are in the couch cuddling while watching a movie when we heard the door bell rang. Me and Nicole looked at each other. I paused the movie.

"Who could it be?" Nicole asked then we stood up and walked towards the door. When we opened it Dary was standing with a suitcase and back pack.

"Uhmm, I don't have a place to stay" She sniffed. "Can I stay here? Please?" She cried then Nicole hugged her while letting her in. I took her suitcase in.

"Whats wrong sweetie?" Nicole asked while rubbing her back. I sat next to Dary. She looked at me and Nicole.

"Dad told me that Im not his real daughter" She cried. "And he told me that my parents died in a car crash"

"Shhh, don't cry. Come on let me show you where you will sleep" Nicole said then both of them went upstairs. Dary laid down in bed. Nicole pulled the covers for her. "You should rest. Okay? You still have school tomorrow" She said.

"Can you not tell anybody about this? I don't want to worry the others" Dary asked.

"Sure thing love" I said.

"Thank you" She said then her eyes were closed.

"She must be really tired" I whispered to Nicole.

"I know. Poor child. I wish the results were here already" She whispered back.

"Me too. Come on lets go to bed too" I said then we went to our room and sleep.


I woke up very earlier to make Dary and Nicole breakfast. I went downstairs quietly. Dary taught me how to make chocolate chip pancakes. I started making then putting it in the fry pan. I went over to the fridge to get the bacon.

I placed the finished pancakes on the kitchen table also the bacons. I made coffee for me and Nicole. I took the milk out also. Then it was all ready.

I look at my wrist watch and it was now 6am. I heard footsteps coming down. Then I saw Dary and Nicole dressed up.

"Good morning" Dary greeted.

"You made pancakes?" Nicole smiled as she sat down. She looked at Dary.

"Nope. I didn't help this time" Dary smiled then she sat down. Both of them tasted my pancakes. "Wow. This is good" Dary complimented.

"You really did it this time" Nicole said then we ate happily.

"Im glad that you both liked it and Good morning to you too sunshine" I said.

Darcy/ Dary's POV

This is what I want. To have a family that you have to eat breakfast with. Yes, we have breakfast too but sometimes its just me. Thats when I learn how to cook.

Uncle Harry is really caring and loving to auntie Nicole. They really love each other dearly. Then my phone ringed. It was Lawrence. I looked at the both of them before I answered. I put phone to speaker.

"Hey babe" I said.

"Hey. You still in bed?" He asked.

"Uhm, Im here at Uncle Harry's flat"

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