The Missing Daughter of Harry Styles

Chapter Nineteen

Darcy's POV

Yesterday we had fun making sand castles with Mica, Surfing and playing volleyball at the beach. Today were going biking and skateboarding and of course its just us kids. Mom got a stock of bikes and boards.

"Perks of being a child of a superstar" Leo said while pointing the camera at me. I took out my camera too. Were doing a video, where Im now a part of their channel. Me and Leo grabbed a bicycle with a basket in front of it while the other were getting skateboards.

"Darcy! Place your camera here" Zack called. I hurried and placed the camera where he wanted. "Guys! Ready now!" Then we all gathered.

"Okay, on cue" I said then I rushed beside Lawrence and Zack.

"Hellooooo! Directioners! And some of our lovelies out there" Zack started. We all just nod and smiled. "As you have heard we are now currently at Hawaii!" Then all of us cheered.

"Great beach I tell you" Nathan added.

"Of course Nathan! The place is surrounded by wateeeeer!" Aaron gushed.

"Okay guys. Thats enough. Before you two go loko again!" Pia joked using the new word she just knew.

"Today were going to do a go all around hawaii to tour" Zack was about to say something but Leo cut him off.

"If we are able to do it" Leo smirked that earned him a punch by Zack.

"Okay. So lets go!" Zack said then I placed my camera on the basket.

Harry's POV

So, I've asked Zack and Leo to do videos for their channel to distract Darcy away from the house. Nicole let them use the bikes and boards.

While Zayn, Liam, Ashton and Michael are doing the sound system and stage. Eleanor, Cher, Chrissy and Sophia with the tables and designs. Food, beverages and pastries are handled by Nicole and Niall.

Paul is making sure no paps or fans disturbs us. Luke, Calum and Louis are preparing the lanterns, purple ones to be exact. Perrie, Gemma and Barbara are on balloons and confetti. While Im here checking if everything is doing great.

"Music?" I jogged towards the stage.

"Got a pile of them" Zayn chuckled.

"How about the lighting?"

"Purple, white, gold and some disco lights to add" Ashton answered with an okay sign. "Calm down Harry. Everything will turn out great" He patted my back.

"Yeah mate. You know Darcy's not the kind of girl who judges' remember that" Louis walked passed me with tablecloths on his hand. "Babe! I have the cloths you asked for!" He called out to Eleanor.

"Okay. Im going to the kitchen to check on Nicole and Niall" All of them nod while I walked towards the kitchen. Niall hired a chef for the foods and Nicole hired a baker for the pastries.

"Hon! You must try this cupcake. Its delish!" Nicole rushed towards me with a cupcake on her hand. I smiled at her. "Go on try it!" She held the cupcake up to my mouth then I tasted it.

"Mmmm, What flavor is this?" I asked with a hint of satisfaction.

"Red velvet" Niall answered.

"Its good. Oh, how's the cake doing?"

"Were done with the 2nd layer Mr. Styles, by just an hour the cake will be done" The Pastry chef said.

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