"Darcy love! Wake up and get ready!" Mom yelled while knocking on my door. Graduation day. The day that I've waited for a long time.

I hopped out of bed and went to shower. I brushed my teeth and blow dried my hair. I put on my light make up. Yesterday me and Lawrence went shopping for our trip. I bought many swimsuits.

After we came back from Hawaii I got a part time job. I could not use my savings to buy what I need. I saved money as possible and so as Lawrence.

I wear my baby blue dress. I took my graduation robe and graduation cap. I went downstairs.

"We'll drive thru McDonalds. The others are already at the school" Dad said while pacing at the living room.

"Baby! Its your big day!" Mom gushed as she hugged me. I smiled as we pulled away.

"Dad, I think you're more nervous than I am" I giggled. I walked towards him and hugged him. "Come on lets go" I said then we went out and hopped into the car. We drive thru McDonalds.

"2 large McCoffee, 1 Coffee McFloat, 2 McMuffin and 1 chicken burger" Dad said.

"Make that a spicy chicken burger with large fries!" I said. Then Mom and Dad laughed.

"You heard the girl" Dad chuckled then we got our order. I started to munch on my burger and sipped on my coffee float. When we arrived at school all eyes was on us.

I munched on my fries as we walked inside the gym. I saw the others talking then we joined them.

"Hey babe" Lawrence hugged me from behind. Then he took some of my fries.

"Hey thats mine!" I whined then he kissed my forehead. "Hmm, all is forgiven" I grinned.

"All students please take your seats so that we begin the ceremony" The principal said then we took our seats. Lucas was sitting on my left and Lawrence was on my right. Payne, Styles and Tomlinson. As we were called on by one to get our diplomas we couldn't help but laugh because of our parents.

They were making signs like "Thats our Children" "Thats my nephew" "Thats my niece" "Go 1D Kids"

Childishness. Then the class valedictorian made her speech. Some were crying hard. Who wouldn't? It was an amazing speech.

"I now declare you ad Graduates! Congratulations!" The principal said then we tossed our head caps. I hugged Lucas. Me and Lawrence shared a kiss. The others rushed to us and we did a group hug. We ran towards the adults and hugged them.

"Congratulations guys!" Uncle Liam said.

"Lets go celebrate!" Uncle Niall yelled then all of us cheered. We went to a fancy restaurant. Celebrating.

Enjoying the day with my family because tomorrow will be our flight to Hawaii. After celebrating we all went home.

I started packing my things into the luggage. I packed only few clothes because i have clothes back in hawaii. I packed my hair necessities, for grooming, swimsuits, shoes, sandals, slippers and other necessities. I took my backpack and put my laptop, chargers, camera, instax, etc.

"I have pizza love" I heard dad's voice. I turn around and saw him holding a pizza box and soda cans. Above the pizza was rented movies. "Last bonding before you go tomorrow" He smiled. We both sat on my couch.

"Im gonna miss you dad" I cuddled into him.

"There's texting, facetime and skype love" He joked. He chuckled. "Im gonna miss you too Darcy" He kissed the top of my head.

"We'll keep in touch. We're gonna post everything we will do anywhere in twitter and instagram" I assured him.

"Yeah" He said. I munched on my pizza while the movie started. Its wasn't chick flick. I shrugged off and watched the movie. Minutes later mom joined us. We were cuddling until I fell asleep.


"Babe" I feel someone shaking me. "Wake up"

"LAWRENCE IS SHE AWAKE?!" I startled and fell off the couch.

"Shit Nathan" Lawrence yelled. I moaned in pain.

"Sorry, Auntie Nicole said that all should hurry" Then Nathan is gone. I stood up and stretched.

"You should get ready and I'll carry your luggage down" He kissed my forehead then I was getting ready.

I was wearing a high waisted short, I tucked in my loose shirt and my bob Marley vans shoes. I went down and saw that all of them were here.

"Hey guys!" I greeted. Then they greeted me back.

"Were taking the tour bus. We want to send you the airport together" Auntie Eleanor said.

"Thats great!" I smiled.

"One last selfie before the crying starts!" Uncle Niall held his phone and all of us smiled. Then we were off to the airport.

Me and Lawrence held hands as we waved our family goodbye. Some were crying and taking pictures. I was teary eyed already.

Hawaii here we come.


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