The Missing Daughter of Harry Styles

Chapter Five

Darcy/ Dary's POV

I wake up all cuddled up with Lawrence. I sat and looked around. I got up to drink water. I walked to the kitchen revealing Uncle Harry.

"Morning Dary" He greeted.

"Good Morning sir" I said then he chuckled.

"Please call me Uncle" He said then I smiled.

"Do you want anything? There's milk in the fridge and cereal in the cupboard, or do you want to make pancakes? I craving for pancakes" He said then I laugh.

"How about lets make them breakfast?" I suggested then he nod. He took out all the ingredients and equipments. He took the eggs and bacons out of the fridge and started cooking eggs and bacons.

"I can cook this kind of food but not all food" He said then I laughed. I started mixing the ingredients for pancakes.

"Uhm, Uncle Harry? Can I ask you something?" I asked then he nod. "Can I know what your daughter looks like?"

"Hmm, she has the same hair as you and also the eyes. You both share the same smile also. Thats why when we all first saw you we thought you were her" He smiled shyly.

"Don't worry. What gets lost always has the way back" I said then he smiled.

"You know. You're a sweet and nice girl" He complimented then I blushed. We went back to cooking. He made coffee and he took out the milk.

"Something smells good in here" I heard a woman voice.

"Good morning babe. Just making breakfast with Dary here" Uncle Harry said then I waved and smiled.

"Good Morning Mrs. Styles" I said then she smiled.

"Call me Auntie dear and Good morning too" She smiled and greeted me back. Then all of them went in the kitchen.

"GOOD MORNING PEOPLE! SMELLS GOOD IN HERE! WHAT ARE WE HAVING?" Uncle Louis shouted as the others followed in. "Woah. Dary? You made pancakes?" He asked then I nod. "LAWRENCE?! Can you marry Dary now? So that she can live with us?!" He shouted then I blushed.

"Well? Lets eat! Dig in people!" Uncle Harry shouted then we started eating.

"We could get used to this" Uncle Niall said while winking at me.

"Hey! Don't abuse my bestfriend!" Nathan shouted then all of us laughed.

"So, do you all have plans for today?" Uncle Harry asked.

"Hmmm, How about we'll sell pastries and lemonade?!" Uncle Louis shouted.

"And a free concert!" Uncle Niall shouted.

"CHARITY!" Uncle Zayn smiled.

"So the tickets will be the pastries and lemonade. The money will go to orphanage" Uncle Harry said then he looked at me. I smiled at him.

"Also. We should sell our favorite clothes" Uncle Liam said.

"Okay then. I'll start tweeting about this" Uncle Niall said.

"And we girls will buy the ingredients for the pastries and lemonade. You'll come too Dary" Auntie Nicole said.

"Yeah. Cause you'll help us cook cupcakes and other pastries" Auntie Sophia said and she smiled.

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