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The Missing Daughter of Harry Styles

Chapter Three


While me and Jeremy were drinking coffee at the kitchen we heard a car noise outside. I saw Darcy with boys and one girl. She and her friends are coming in.

"Dad! Im home! I brought some friends with me!" She shouted then the door slammed. I walked out of the kitchen and to the living room.

"Hi sweetie" I kissed her forehead.

"Dad. These are my friends. This is Nathan, Lucas, Lawrence, Zack, and Colleen. Guys this is my Dad and brother" She said then we all shake hands.

"I bet your all staying for dinner? Pizza?" I said then Darcy nod and smiled. After I called for pizza they were in the living room talking. Me and Jeremy went to kitchen.

"Dad. They are the 1D kids. Except for the girl" Jeremy said then I nod. After discussing with Jeremy the pizza arrived. We are all gathered in the living room.

"So, How's my Dary doing at school?" I asked.

"Well, she's doing great for her first two days. She made it into the football team" The blonde boy who's name is Nathan said.

"You tried out for football team?" I asked Dary.

"Yes Dad" She smiled at me.

"Im proud of you. I thought you were just gonna lay low this school year" I said then all of us laughed. "This is the first time she brings home a friend other or more like friends" Then I looked at Dary.

"They know that dad" She said smiled at her friends.

"Im happy that you have friends and Thank you for making my Dary happy" I said to them.

"She's a good person and she's cool to be with" Lucas said.

After talking to them I excused myself and went to the Hospital. Jeremy came also with me to do night shift at the hospital.

Darcy/ Dary's POV

Dad and Jeremy went to the hospital. After that my friends went home. I was looking for Dad's hospital schedule at his office.

I sat in his chair and opened the drawers. "Where did he put it?" I said while rummaging the drawers. While looking for the schedule book I found a photo album. "Whats this?" I said then I went to my bedroom. I flopped down in my bed and opened the album.

Pictures of Jeremy, Mom and Dad were there. Its has a title called "Dickinson Family". I flipped the pages but I didn't found any of my pictures. I flipped and flipped but I didn't found any.

I felt my tears streaming down my face. "Why am I crying?" I wiped my tears. I walked towards my closet and slipped on my running shorts, orlando jacket, and running shoes. I put my earphones on and played the soundtrack on TFIOS.

I went outside of the house and started running. It keeps my mind calm when Im running. After running for it feels like forever I stopped at one of the playground. I checked my phone clock and it was still 8pm.

I sat down on the ground and run my hands over my face. I was panting and catching my breath. Maybe they just misplaced my pictures. I pulled off my hood and stretched my head up.

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