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The Missing Daughter of Harry Styles

Chapter Sixteen

Darcy's POV

Its like a normal day for Uncle Harry. He went to his meetings with the other lads. The people here are very busy preparing and here I am baking a 4 feet inches cake with different flavor layers. Auntie Nicole is preparing the dining area where we are going to held the surprise. I stuffed the cake mixture in the oven. Then Im making another flavor for the cake.

"You seem busy, need help?" I looked at the door and saw Lawrence leaning.

"Nah, its okay. I can handle it" I smiled at him. He sat over to the stool and watched me. "Do you have anything to do?" I smirked.

"All of us are done preparing. The other girls are cooking at the other kitchen. Im bored" He sighed.

"Then come here, You can mix this" I said then he smirked.

"You couldn't resist my charms" I rolled my eyes at him. He started mixing. Then the cake in the oven was ready. "Hmmm, Vanilla strawberry" Lawrence sniffed the scent of the cake.

"And that" I pointed at the bowl that he's mixing. "is chocolate blueberry flavor" I winked.

"It makes me fall in love with you even more" He hugged me.

"You're getting gay everyday babe" I said then we both laughed. "But I still love you" I placed the cake on the table. Lawrence helped me in designing the cake and everything. After that we finished the cake within two hours.

"Woah. Its, its" Auntie Nicole is lost in words.

"Amazayn!" Uncle Zayn made us all jumped. "This cake is lovely Dary!" He added.

"Zayn? Why are you here? Where's Harry and the other lads?" Auntie Nicole asked.

"Its nearly 6pm and they will be arriving in just 40 minutes" He said while checking his wrist watch. Then Auntie Nicole rushed out. "Let me help you put the cake out" Uncle Zayn helped me carry the cake out. They were all ready. Then the lights were all out.

Then we heard uncle Harry opened the door. "Why is the house so dar-"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" The lights were on then we lit the candles in the cake. We sang the happy birthday song. "Make a wish babe" Auntie Nicole said. Uncle Harry closed his eyes and blew the candles. Everyone cheered and applauded.

"The cake is amazing. Where did you ordered this love?" Uncle Harry asked Auntie Nicole.

"The question is who made it" Uncle Zayn winked at me.

Auntie Nicole smiled "Dary made all the cake and pastries" Then she puts her arm around me. Uncle Harry looked at me and smiled. He walked towards me.

"Thank you love" He said while kissing my forehead then he hugged me.

"No, Thank you Uncle Harry. Thank you for accepting me in your lovely home and family" All of them smiled at me. "And my birthday wish for you is I hope you will find your daughter"

"GROUP HUG!" Nathan yelled. Then all of them hugged me. Suddenly my phone ringed. I pulled away and answered it.

"Jeremy?" I said.

"Dad wants to see you. Along with Harry and Nicole" He said then I looked at all of them.

"Okay" Then he hang up.

"What is it?" Uncle Niall asked.

"Daddy Terence wants to see me" I paused and looked at Uncle Harry and Auntie Nicole. "Along with the both of you Uncle Harry and Auntie Nicole" I said then they nod.

"You guys stay here and enjoy the party. We'll be back before you all know it" Auntie Nicole said. Then we were off to the hospital. I sat nervously at the back seat. Then we stopped at the hospital.

"Ready?" Uncle Harry asked then I smiled and nod.

Harry's POV

Dary knocked at the door of Terence's room. Then Jeremy opened the door and let us in.

"Daddy" Dary said. Terence chuckled.

"Im not the one you should be calling your dad" He smiled weakly.

"Your still my dad" She said while sitting on the chair next to him.

"Harry. Nicole. Im so sorry for keeping your daughter away from the both of you. I was just afraid but I really loved her as my own" Terence said while smiling at confused Dary.

"Daughter? Away? What are you talking about Dad?" Dary asked.

"Dary.Your are the missing daughter of Harry Styles. Darcylene Styles" Then Darcy gasped while her eyes were watery. Then Darcy looked at us.

"Im your missing daughter?" She asked while her tears were pouring. Nicole was also crying.

"Darcy" Nicole rushed towards Darcy and hugged her tightly. I smiled at Terence then I hugged my beautiful girls. Darcy hugged us back.

"Thank you Terence. Thank you taking care of my Darcy. Thank you for everything" I said to Terence. He smiled and nod. "And to return the gratitude. I'll take care of your hospital bills and everything"

"Oh please, No need" He said.

"No. We insist. Its our way of returning all the years you took care of Darcy" Nicole said while Darcy is on her side. "We wont take no for an answer"

"Well, If thats what you want. Then I accept it. Thank you" Terence said. After that we went out. Darcy was quiet.

"Babe, why dont you go and pay I'll talk to her for a while" I said to Nicole. "Something wrong love?" I turned to Darcy. She snapped and looked at me.

"What will the others say? Now that Im your daughter people will judge me" She said.

"I don't care what the others say. Your my daughter and I will protect you. I wont lose you again" I hold her shoulder. Then she started crying.

"And I thought I wont find my real parents" She sniffed. We both laughed. Then I kissed her forehead.

"I really missed calling you Darcy. I love you my princess" I said then she hugged me.

"I love you too Dad" She mumbled through my shirt.

"Lets go home?" Nicole said. Both of us looked at her and nod. When we reach to the car Nicole stopped. "Oh shit" She cursed.

"What is it?" I asked.

"What will we tell them?"

"Nothing. Lets just go with flow" I winked.

"I like that idea" Darcy said excitedly. Then we went home.


Sorry for the long wait. I really cant cope to all of the news about Zayn leaving the band. I also had writers block so yeah. Enjoy this chapter. After I finish this book Im going to do a major book edit.

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