You're mine! (GOT7 JB)

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This story is something I have thought some time before and I suddenly remembered it and...oh here I am.

Something about Jaebum,yeah this handsome boy who can destroy bias lists with only a smile.

I don't have something to say about this story....~okay as the most of the times this chapter is like an introduction so it might be quite small~ ~and also be causioned cause there might be some smut parts so please be careful what you read everyone~but except from that...Just enjoy!^___^

I hope you will like this story...

Let's start^__^

Hey....should I introduce myself?As it seems yeah...Okay I'm Heidi,not the one form the Alps haha.I just became 17 before some days.All in all I'm a normal high schooler with a normal family,mom,dad and one little brother who's only 5.

Yeah my life is so normal and personally I like it and don't wanna change it.



"Heyyy sleeping beauty the bell rang,school ended,wake up!"I heard a loud voice and immediately recognized it.

"Oh...seriously?I didn't realized a thing damn.I'm sorry."

"It's okay you pabo.Just prepare your bag and let's go home it's so hot,I can't stay in school anymore."He made air with his hands to cool himself up.

"Arraseo...Let's go."Oh yeah this is my best friend.His name is Yugyeom and we're friends since childhood.He is the tall cute boy with the nice style and all.I really trust him and he is such a nice guy.Even my dad who is somehow overprotected,when it comes to my friends he liked Yugyeom from the first moment and so here we are being the best friends ever.

"Heidi I can't really walk you home today...I have to go somewhere with my bro so..."He said while rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's okay and you know it.Go ahead and have fun."I winked and he chuckled.

"Haha sure...Thanks.See you tomorrow."He said with his cute smile.

"Yeah see ya."He left and I am all alone now.Since I was sleeping in class everyone had already left-and don't think that I'm not a good student because I was asleep in class.I'm third in school but when it comes to sleep I'm the queen hehe.

I walked a little and then got back home.It's nice to take a walk when the weather is so nice.It helps me think about things and I can listen to music as much as I want without having my little brother bothering me.

"Dad!Mom!I'm back."No one answered which is quite strange.I walked in the house after closing the door behind me and saw my parents sitting on the couch in the living room,their heads down looking on the floor."Did anything happen?"I asked a little worried of the view.

My mom looked up and then at me."You came back?"She asked making me realize from her voice that something was wrong.Something seems off and I don't like this at all.

"As you can see...but what's going on?"

"Come and sit down Heidi."My dad spoke and I did as he said.I sat across him and waited for an explanation about what is happening.I have to see them so worried since the last time my brother had an accident in school and broke his leg.

"Have you missed anything till now?Did you have all the things you want?"What is he asking me?

''Yeah dad why?"It's true that he's doing everything for me and my brother and my mother too.We never missed anything.

"Then now I'm telling you clearly.You're a mature girl for your age and I believe you will understand."

"What is it dad?''Okay now I am worried.When the word mature refers to me it's not about something I'd like to do.

",you have two choices.Do you want a poor or a happy life?"

"You know that if it's for me individually I don't care,but if it's for you too then a happy life of course."I really wonder sometimes why we connect the money with our life so much.But I can't blame it to a man who works so much for us to have to eat,like my dad.

"Heidi your dad is going to be fired from his work."My mum said the words in a hurry,surprising me.

"WHAT?"I wasn't expecting that at all.My dad has a good job and he is among the best ones there.How could this happen so suddenly?

"Yeah...lot's of my cooworkers will be unemployed at the end of the next week.This happens in lots of companies lately since they are going to fire the oldest ones and hire younger ones with better abilities and more energy for know how this goes."

"That's so unfair.You have a family to feed.What are you going to do if you don't have money?"Nobody cares about the unemployed ones?

"There is still a chance Heidi."He said with such a bothered expression.An expression that signals something really bad is waiting ahead.

"What is it?Can I help?Tell me dad."

"Actually I will ask you something and only if you are okay with it,then agree.To tell you the truth I don't really want you to do this but if it can save us I will,even if it''s the most shameful thing I've ever done in my life,I will do that and save our family."He is about to cry.What's going on?What could make them both be like that?

"Tell me what you want me to do and I'm gonna do it."If it will save my family I will do it no matter what.

"Let me expain the situation first and then take your final desicion."I nodded and he continued"I,after I heard that I was going to get fired,I went to our boss.I know him for so much time so I hopped that he could change his mind about me.We talked for a little there and then he suggested something.He has a son 2 years older than you who finished high school as I might have told you."

"Yeah you have."I nodded tentatively.Dad talks about his work and his boss quite a lot.

"So as a rich businessman he wants his son to get married soon too.He want to get him married soon so he would be more careful with his business than going in different places with different women.He want him to have a family and then take after his business."Logical.It's like what lots of football players do too so they won't drink too much in bars since they have a family.Thus they have better results on every match.

"Yeah that's good of him to want for his son but why are you telling me this?"Things are becoming more and more weird.This can't be for good.

"I'm telling you this because my boss told me that if I want to keep working at his company he...he wants you to get married with his son."He whispered the last words.

"Oh that's goo-WHAT?"Okay what's going on here?What marriage?I'm still 17 everyone.Anything I'd do...but marriage?

"I told you that if you don't want to do it you can refuse.You know what's the result of both choices Heidi."He's right.If I choose not to marry him my dad is loosing his job and on the other side if I choose to marry him my family is safe.This is so confusing and frustrating!But I should save them.Probably this rich son will be a spoiled man who is going around with lots of women but still...

"I will do it!I will marry him."I said halfheartidly.But I had to say it.

"Heidi do you realize what are you saying and what it's gonna happen?"My mom and dad asked really worried.

"Yes.I will do it.You both know that I can do it so...I will marry him.''

Marriage from the first chapter but will it be a happy or a sad one??

I hope you liked it and I'm sorry for all the mistakes I might have made...~T_T~

Anyway see you next time~^_^

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